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US vs UK

I have a lot of people I'm working with in England. And I'm a big battle rap fan and some of my favorite battles are when you have 2 people from different backgrounds going head to head. I decided to post my favorite US vs UK battles...the ones the US won were blatant murders but sh!t if Eurgh isn't one of my favorite battle rappers of all time.

True story, in like 2005 PumpkinHead (PH) tried to hit me up on myspace for $500 for a verse (or $800 if I wanted it on my album not a mixtape)....glad I never bit. lol I'll post his battle with Eurgh first.

PH (NY) vs Eurgh (UK)

Madness (FL/CA) vs Kulez (UK)

Iron Solomon (NY) vs Mic Assassin (UK) [2005]

Cruger vs Illusion Z, Eurgh vs The Saurus, and Professor Green vs Jin are honorable mentions.


Miguel "Art Dealer Chic" EP

One of my favorite singers recently has been Miguel. I bought his Cd (yes, I paid money for a Compact Disc) and I loved it. He released his new EP, "Art Dealer Chic".

Download it here.


ILL x ILL clothing

Honestly, I saw an ad for ILL x ILL clothing while posting a video/mixtape on another site.

The ad caught my eye and I decided to check them out. They have some pretty ill gear. Rather than featuring one piece I decided to pick out an outfit that I would rock complete with accessories.

Get @illxillclothing on and tell them you saw them on

JBC x Samsa

I met the people behind Just Be Cool in LBC last month at Agenda and they have some dope stuff in the works. This shirt in particular caught my eye because of the detail.

This shirt is an official part of the Just Be Cool Campaign to redefine the world "Cool".
*new definition: "COOL - To keep a POSITIVE attitude about LIFE and a WORLD of PEACE, UNITY, and PROGRESS."

Get @JBC_global and tell them you saw the SAMSA x JBC tee on @Essince's blog.

Lego Graffiti

I used to do graffiti like it was my job. There were train tracks behind my dorm and I would sneak out like every week and tag the trains...also did some buildings & mail boxes, too.

I played Legos all day, too and of my dreams was to be a hand animator for Disney so combine graffiti, legos, and animation and you have my attention.


Brother Ali "The Bite Marked Heart"

I was just listening to "Shadows on the Sun" earlier today. I don't think Rhymesayers artists really do mixtapes like that so this is a pleasant surprise. Brother Ali is arguably my favorite living MC (his live show is nice, too. Cool dude).

Consider this a late valentine's day gift to my exes.

(Check his video for Writers Block here)

Augie Ray (producer)


When I was in LA last month I was staying with a friend who was working with another engineer/producer named, Augie Ray. Augie is the man behind the new release "(a) muse" from singer, Tyler Cymone.

He posted this video the other day and I wanted to share it with you. Dude is nice.

You know I'm working on my next project, Augie. What's up! lol


The Rising Table

I don't feature TOO much beyond media and fashion (though I've shared the occasional concept car, or pornstar interview) but whenever I see some cool furniture I have to share.

This collapsible table is cooler than a husky's nose, designed by Robert van Embricqs of the Netherlands.

[via Fubiz. Click for more pics]

And if you think this is cool, check out the "Lost in Sofa" here.


Rocksmith: the Heritage Ninjas Jacket

I'll be real with you, Rocksmith has some extremely ill gear lately. From their crew necks to their hats and jackets. They're definitely on point.

Enter the khaki "Heritage Ninja Jacket"(100% cotton).

For more info and to see more pics check this out here on Cranium Fitteds.

Maybe rock it with this hat?


Knightstalker x Reef the Lost Cauze "Lost Children"

Knightstalker has definitely been doing his thing this year and dropping some dope tracks with some ill MCs. The Romeo [Berlin] produced, Lost Children "deals with the worldwide social and economical problems and challenges that our generation faces day by day."

His new album, "Knighttime" just dropped and can be copped here.

[Download here]

Mistah Fab "Quick to Chase" MV

Out in NY enjoying life right now so I apologize on delayed posts. Interesting that the first thing I post while here is a Bay area video but whatever.

I [indirectly] did some work with Mistah Fab while transcribing interviews for DJ Vlad's "Ghostride the Whip" documentary.

The video features a dude named D. Gutta. Don't ask why but I thought it said D. Guetta [as in David Guetta]...yeah...oops. (Maybe because I just posted a Japanese cover of a D. Guetta song on a blog in Japan?)

Who cares. Bay area rap.


Dolo "Roach Clips"

NY MC, Dolo the Bandit is heading off 2012 with a pretty successful 2011.
* He was nominated as “Most Original Artist” at the Underground Music Awards
* Received feature placement for his song “Get Down” in Spike Lee’s feature film, “You’re Nobody til Somebody Kills You”
* His song "Get Down" was licensed for the Quicksilver Pro New York and France surf competition tours in September and December

Not bad

Download "Roach Clips" here

Young De "#HeadsUp"

I met Young De in Hollywood a few years ago at the Latin Rap Conference opening party and saw him a few days later at a Beatnuts show and have been following his career since then. He recently dropped his new mixtape, #HeadsUp. Check it out. I'll also post one of my favorite videos of his with B-Real, Don't You Dare Laugh.

But the FIRST song on THIS mixtape of his w/DJ Skee is one of the hardest intros I've ever heard.


P-Funk "Get it Get it"

This is the first track off Bay Area MC,P-Funk's new project, "Moonstruck" with Sir Tripp coming next month.

Check "Get It Get It" ft C Plus & Joyce Wrice below.


Essince x Stalley x Iron Solomon x NY

I'm heading up to NYC next week for a few events and I thought I'd share them with you. OH's own, Stalley has a show and also our marketing client, Iron Solomon has his listening party so I'll def. be sharing some exclusive interviews and pictures with you soon.


City Poppin' [AZ's finest]

Phoenix, AZ is definitely fighting to be the next spot to pop in the southwest and I think they have the talent to do just that.

The homie, Judge da Boss [on Amar'e Stoudemire's Hypocalypto Records] , Willie Northpole [formerly of DTP], Juice Mccain [Black Wall Street], and Keez teamed up for this anthem "City Poppin'".

I actually interviewed Juice a while back for 365Voice [Miami]. He's a cool dude and has been making some major moves. I've been hearing some of the music Judge is working on, too and I expect big things from him this year. That cat can spit.

S/O to the homie, PUSH for putting me onto this.


Kojoe "Get Famous" MV

My homie, Kojoe (@IAmKojoe) is definitely doing his thing in Japan. Earlier he released a video sponsored by Rocksmith and also a mixtape sponsored by Flud watches. He JUST dropped this video for the self-produced song "Get Famous".

Check out the video and listen to his "J Mixtape" below.


I'm as romantic as my Latino "Don Juan" stereotype shows that I am, but I'm not one to deny my rico suave side, too. R.I.P. to my favorite rapper, Big Moon Dawg aka Big Punisher. For all you single people spending Valentine's Day with your "friends".

I'm Not a Player I Just Crush A Lot.


HEX: Icon watch band

I briefly featured this in a sneak peak of Hex's spring/summer line and I'm really jammin' on the idea of this. 

Available in: black, white, purple, blue, and green
Made of custom polycarbonate case and strap
Pop-in, pop-out design [of the nano] (See below)

Childish Gambino "Heartbeat" MV

I'm really digging the honesty in Childish Gambino's CAMP so I wanted to post his new video off the album, "Heartbeat".


Kevin Durant Got Raps

NBA's Kevin Durant drops a verse with rapper, Privaledge on "Worried About Tomorrow". (download the song here).

Pretty cool track. I've always been a fan of NBA players who rap. I even have that best kept secret album with Jason Kidd and Gary Payton rapping on it {Gary sounds like Too $hort).

Check out some of my favorite [recent] NBA player raps here.

I Will Always Love You

First, I mean this not as a sign of disrespect toward the recent passing of the incredible, beautiful, Whitney Houston by posting a cover of one of her most famous songs (and arguably the greatest love song ever written).

But that fact that her song was sung beautifully by Lin Yu Chun in a Taiwanese version of American Idol to me really shows her affect on pop culture and music better than my words or 10 videos can. Rest in Peace, Whitney. It's sad to lose someone so talented so young.

Ah, what the heck. This is my jam:



Asher Roth "Dope Sh!t" MV

This video is pretty ill. I love the idea of setting up and just jamming on the walk of fame and in Venice Beach. I've always like Asher. Hope things work out at Def Jam.

Billionaire Boys Club x Mark McNairy: Bee Line

BBC's Pharrell Williams and Mark McNairy's boot collaboration ideas grew into a full collection, Bee Line. Apparently, Pharrell "was inspired by Napoleon's decision to replace fleur-de-lis with the insect as France's royal symbol" says GQ.

See more exclusive pics and read more at GQ


The Kingmakers "Raw" MV

beat: Busta Rhymes - Everything Remains Raw (Easy Mo Bee Production)

This "Raw" video comes from LA's The Kingmakers [that's LA as in Louisiana] consisting of Marz the Superior (NOLA), Dude with No Name, Cardell Flare, Z-O, E.R., and DJ P.M. (Pac-Man).

The video is pretty nuts and I recommend watching in 1080p (for this of you not sure how, click the little star on the bottom tab).

Download the track here

The individual twitters for @Kingmakermusic are listed in the video desc. here.

Exclusive: 9Five Eyewear 2Threes

I caught up with the homie, Robinson of 9Five eyewear at Agenda in LBC last month and we showed me the new 2Threes (new round coming out feb 18th). Complete with the box designed to make you feel like you're buying the Js themselves. 

These are ill. I'm really diggin' the presentation.

*pictures via 9FiveHigh Snobiety


Thaitanium "Thank you for loving me" MV

Want to see what a true supportive fanbase looks like???

For those who know/care, I went to school in Thailand for like...1/2 a year junior year of college and go back to Bangkok like once a year.

Thaitanium is the biggest hiphop group in all of southeast Asia (seriously...people were taking pictures of ME when we were all having dinner just because I was with them. lol).

I was actually supposed to be at this show but there was a big flood when I was there in October so they had to reschedule.

This is what I missed (dammit).

The song is "Thank You For Loving Me" featuring Da Endorphone (ดา เอนโดรฟิน)

(Shout out to Thaitay, Bangkok Invaders, Southside, Jay Calo, Thaikoon, Corpus, and Coga).

HUMÖR: Gabi Track Jacket

I was online looking for new gear when I came across German site, [think the Karmaloop of Deutschland. Germany's first online hiphop shop] and this ill jacket by Danish designers, HUMÖR.

Complete with 2 side zipper pockets this is pretty clean.

Check this jacket out on here


"Tell Ya Friends" about Chip tha Ripper

I've been a Chip fan for years. I actually did a few shows with him in Cleveland, too back in the day. I have all the mixtapes but he lost me with that 'gift raps' project as he did a lot of his core fanbase who accused him of sounding too much like Cudi. I miss that Chip that the streets love which is why I'm glad he went back to that with some of the songs on "Tell Ya Friends".

*I recommend track 11. "Boomshakalaka" with Bun B is the sh!t. (honestly, I listened to it last night while playing NBA Jam TE on my Genesis. True Story)

Glad to have you back, Chip. No disrespect to Chuck Inglish for last project's production but it doesn't fit for me.


This is Fresh, Prince

Aussie, Pogo does it again with this ILL Fresh Prince mashup.

He matches video+sounds to make some dope music.

If you haven't heard the one he did with Disney's UP! then by all means CLICK HERE NOW!!!!

Seriously...I've watched that way too many times. It's fascinating what he does.

(download from his site)


Superbowl XLVI Caps

That's right, y'all. The Super Bowl is this Sunday and even though many people west of the Hudson River don't care about the outcome that doesn't mean you can't look fresh while watching what I'm sure will be a great game.

The good people @CraniumFitteds will take care of you with these...

N.E. Patriots Super Bowl Champs Fitted (click for more pics/info)

Or this Patriots Team Colors with the Gray Under (click fore more pics/info)

But don't worry, Giants fans, they got you covered, too with this New York Giants Snapback (again, click for more pics/info)


Chels "True School for the Moon Children"

Umm....this is hot.

I posted something of hers awhile back and every once in awhile I'll check back in her and this Nawlin's femcee is DOING HER THING. This album is hot (album...not mixtape...album).

Kinda on that Kendrick Lamar laid back tip (with her own style, of course)

Check it out. It's up for DL by donation which is something I thought of before and I know other MCs who did it. If you want to offer $1, $5, or even $0 it's whatever just check it out. It's dope).

(track 3 is my jam).

Childish Gambino x Tyler the Creator x Cartoon Network

A friend just posted this on my wall on FB and I of course had to watch because if there are two things I love in this's cartoons and hiphop.

If you can put them together authentically you get something like this.

This is from the CN show, Regular Show.

According to some comment on the video Gambino's role was supposed to be voiced by Kid Cudi but I love that Gambino did it.