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Diamond Forever 13 Crewneck

Thank goodness it's still long sleeve weather because I got my eye on an easy baker's dozen worth of crewnecks. Diamond Supply Co comes back with a pretty ill design in this "Diamond Forever 13" 80/20 cotton/polyester black sweatshirt.

Get yours here.

Essince Throwback: [1997] Outkast ft Cee-Lo Green "In Due Time" MV

MAN I forgot about this!!! From the "Soul Food" soundtrack in 1997, Outkast featuring the illustrious Cee-Lo Green of the Goodie M.O.B.

That's not Erykah Badu at the end, is it?

Anyway, soulful southern music from the late 90s. Doesn't get any better than this right now.


"You're On Punishment!" (animated Waka Flocka)

Charlie Brown meets Waka Flocka in this peanuts-style animated short portraying a tale from Waka Flocka's childhood. lol

This is hilarious. What a crazy, crazy punishment. lol

Ikey "Green Card" MV

Ikey (fka @IkeDaKid) has been doing his thing in the DMV. I love the New School Throwback quality/feel of this video.

Respect, fam. Respect to my foreign brethren! lol


MNDR "Feed Me Diamonds" remix (D Scorch'd)

A friend of mind, producer, D Scorch'd [most recently noted for composing/producing Theme music and original music for the TV series, "Unsupervised" on FX) made another nasty remix, this time to "Feed Me Diamonds" by MNDR.

"I'm in the process of developing a signature sound for myself called, Floating. Its a blend of ambient, hip-hop, glitch, chillwave & experimental. My influences are Flying Lotus, Sigur Rós, & Washed Out." - D Scordch'd

How f'ing cool is that?
(hear his Linkin Park remix here).

Privileged Life Big Cup Vest

The good people over at Privileged Life are having a sale at Jack Threads right now. I linked up with them down at Agenda in LBC and they're good people. I love seeing their growth. I saw pictures of 50 Cent rocking some of their gear a while back at a press conference, too.

Jack Threads is a members only store with crazy deals on high end streetwear and fashion.

It's invite only so here's my personal invitation to you and then order your vest or see more.


Ry So Valid (Fat Joe's son) "DREAMS" MV

Fat Joe has been relatively quiet the past few years aside from a few singles and things here and there but it seems like he's passed on some of his skill to his son. Ry So Valid has a very clean/polished delivery over this track, "Dreams" which features a very smooth hook by Eddy L Ness.

Maybe he'll get on something with Chris Rivers (fka Baby Pun) and do a Twinz13 (deep cover) remix. lol (Baby Pun is nice, yo. Don's sleep).

I like that the video is so short, too. But forreal. I'm interested in seeing more from the kid. Respect.

Araab Muzik "For Promotional Use Only"

My homegirl, DJ Kachina just did make up and modeled in Araab's new music video (partially shot in Cleveland). I'll post it up once it's out. Big up to Araab for doing his thing. Respect to Tilla & Pesh at Livemixtapes/TrillHD, too. Stop, Look, and Listen below.


Neon Italian Ice Toronto Raptors Snapback

The 90s throwback is in full effect, y'all. And I, for one, though I speak for many, am kinda diggin' this. Mitchell & Ness take me back to the Fresh Prince days with this ill 100% Nylon Neon Italian Ice Toronto Raptors Snapback ["you said a mooouuuthful," in my lil Rascals voice]
** Essince Fun Fact: Inadvertently alluded to my allusion because in the 90s remake of the Little Rascals, the kid who played cousin Nicky on the Fresh Prince played Buckwheat. **

But back to hats. I can see this in the summer for sure with a nice tank and shades. Low cut sneakers.

The idea of a dinosaur playing basketball was always sweet to me anyway so why not go all out and embrace this? Word to my people in Toronto.

Krayzie Bone "Another Level" (2 The Other Side)

No words needed really. It's Krayzie Bone.

DJ Swerve: First Impressions

OH's own, DJ Swerve drops his newest project, "First Impressions" complete with all original production and features artists from Cleveland, Youngstown, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Brooklyn, & Arizona. (Including the one and only Rampage from Brooklyn).

Sadly, the players on AudioMack aren't embedable but listen/DL here.

Twitter @_DJSWERVE_


"True Blue Obsession" Ill Camille

I feel Ill Camille's the real deal.

I posted her last project, "Illustrated" and this single (featuring producer, Nate P) is the first off her new project.

Sadly the song isn't embedable but listen/DL here. It's worth the click-away especially with that talk box but make sure ya come on back now, ya hear¿


Yelawolf "Way Out"

Respect to Catfish Billy for doing his thing. I like the premise of the video (which was co-directed by Yela) and follow him on his 4-Wheeler to a shack in the woods (which is kind of a sweet place for a studio in my opinion) and I'll lET you find out what happens from there.

Eddie Gee x Kato "She Love"

I met Eddie Gee out in Fresno a few months back and just saw he released a new track with Kato. Check it out.

MGK "Champions" MV

I've known MGK for a few years and I love seeing his growth and finding his lane and taking it over. He's a very polarizing figure now in rap but I stand by people and have nothing but respect for him and the team.

Do your thing, mayne.



B.A.R.S. Murre is Dirt Nasty's newest artist (or protegé or something, whatever). I've known [of] Simon Rex aka Dirt Nasty since the 3rd Scary Movie and his music always cracks me up (especially the 3 Loco songs with Andy Milonakis and RiFF RaFF). He started working with B.A.R.S. and produced this whole new album for him.

This kid definitely has that west coast slow flow going for him, despite his Jersey upbringing. (Think French Montana doing an Evidence impression)

"I produced my first full length album for B.A.R.S Murre, my favorite South Jersey rapper who Alchemist showed me on YouTube a while back. I reached out to him on Twitter and gave him some beats and a couple months later we had a pretty sweet old school hip hop album. B.A.R.S has worked with French Montana, Riff Raff, Beanie Sigel and he's only been rapping for a couple years. His laid back slow flow sounds perfect over my beats. Enjoy ya'll!" - Dirty Nasty

Click here if you want the album.


Murs x Fashawn "64' Impala" MV

Ahhh yes....the 1964 Chevy Impala. Not only a classic car associated with west coast hiphop but it's arguably my favorite (I always wanted to restore an El Camino, too). I was heavy into the Lowrider culture and wanted one of these. The Lowrider bike little homie was riding in the beginning is clean, too. Respect to Murs and Fashawn for this ill track and video for "64 Impala". Their "This Generation" album is available here.


Icey B!tch

When I first heard Honey Cocaine on her video "Feel Sh!t" I liked her...a lot. She was could spit, is sexy, had confidence...everything you want in a female MC. I got her mixtape and was a little underwhelmed but her more recent "90s Gold" mixtape was pretty cool. She definitely has something to say worth listening to.

I saw she was dropping a new song called, "Icey Bitch" and felt like posting it. What do you think? the jury's still out on my end but I wanted to share it.

"I can't help it if I'm icey, B!tch. I'm just an icey b!tch"


Once Upon a Love

This could be the greatest love story ever told...EVER! hahaha

ESSINCE THROWBACK: the REAL Harlem Shake Edition

With this craze over the "harlem shake" (aka the Bernie and a buncha background wiggling) I thought I'd go back to what started it for ME (and no, not little bow wow)....G-DEP.

Enjoy this Special Delivery...The original had too many diddy adlibs but this one has a mediocre Craig Mack verse. Oh well. Enjoy, Ghostface's verse and the harlem style in G-Dep.

Random White Rapper Trivia: at 3:55....remember him??? Dude's name is Kain and is one of the many artists dropped from Bad Boy but he actually had a pretty nice feature on this song with DREAM (remember them? Yes, there was a girl group before Danity Kane)....


Julian Stephen "Booty Call Hour"

@JulianStephen is gaining my attention lately. First with his "69 (creepin')" video and now with this track for "Booty Call Hour". Dude's got a cool vibe. Almost a Chicago-style delivery but he's hailing from NY.

Anyway, check the track and DL his album on DJBooth here..

Scrooge is a BOSS

It's still winter, y'all. That means it's still crew neck season (or as my London girl says "jumper").

The Boss III Scrooge Crewneck is pretty ill nasty and at 60% cotton/40% polyester it's smooth comfortable, too.

Check it out here and stay warm fresh this winter with Scrooge McBuck. [intentional]


Mickey Factz x Freeway x Memphis Bleek "Lyrically Untouchable" (Remix)

An assc. forwarded this to me and though I was hesitant to check it, I'm glad I did. I like posse cuts & this is pretty nice. Aspect brings on Mickey Factz, Freeway, and Memphis Bleek for the remix to his song, "Lyrically Untouchable" (which uses a nice Biggie sample that Big Pun used on his debut). Horns are always dope in beats. Right on. Nice track.

Download the mixtape below.


Started From the Bottom

Drake ~ Started From The Bottom from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.

Congrats on your grammy, Wheelchair Jimmy.

Despite the connotation of that last sentence, I like Drake. I do. I respect what he does, how he does it, and where he is in his career. I wasn't sold on this song when I first heard it. Still think it's cool but I think this video is the business (remember to click that HD button).

MGK did a pretty dope remix. Any other covers/"remixes" worth listening to?


New Orleans Pelicans

That's right, NBA fans. Get hip to the New Orleans Pelicans. Best way to be hip is to get fitted, right?

Do it here.


Allen Stone "Is This Love" MV

So I was watching TV last night and a show came on called "Live From Daryl's House" and featured Patrick Stump from Fall Out piqued my curiosity so I watched. Turns out Daryl is Daryl Hall from the illustrious Hall & Oates and he just has people come over and interviews them between jamming out with an incredible band.

During a commercial break there was a quick promo for a dude named Allen Stone and I searched for videos of him dude can SING. One of the first youtube videos where I actually AGREE with the comments.

Such as:
"I want everyone to love him. But at the same time I want this to be my own special thing that I found. Lol I'm selfish with good reason."
"He's like Maxwell meets Stevie Wonder....Amazing"

He's from Seattle and apparently my friend's friends are his bandmates. Right on.

Need more convincing? Check this video of him covering "Killing Me Softly"...Mad respect, brotha.


The Rhythmic Lounge: Winter 2013

The new issue of The Rhythmic Lounge magazine is out (complete with 3 of my interviews, one of which is with the illustrious, Mistah FAB).

In their words, The Rhythmic Lounge Magazine is "the digital platform for all creative talents (Musicians, Artists, Entertainers, and more!) From fine artists, up and coming musicians and even celebrities, this magazine keeps you up to date with the amazing talent around the world."

Check it out. It should be mobile friendly, too. It's a good read and be sure to check out my features with Vancouver's Boombox Saints & Freeway Rick Ross' new artist, C. Carter.


The chick singing the hook first in the video? I heard that's her real voice.

I know you've heard the song. I've been delaying watching the video til now but glad I did. My cousin in Seattle's been talking about dude for a few years and finally met him last year on tour he came out to the show stop in Seattle. Cool ass dude.

Respect to anyone who hits #1 and isn't on a major.

Double props to anyone who knows how to thrift properly. Granpa's style's definitely in effect (word to the cardigan).


Essince Throwback: Crucial Conflict "Scummy"

If you're a midwest rap fan like I am then you know the melodic/rapid-fire delivery goes beyond Twista & Bone and if you aren't familiar with Crucial Conflict then I'm honored to be presenting them to you in this edition of the Essince Throwback with their video "Scummy" (1998).

Sorry the video quality is doo doo brown but the song is dope so I'm sure it's out there somewhere higher Q.


Mistah F.A.B. x Willie Joe "Automatic" MV

I heard this track a while back on a Mixtape I picked up from at one of their events and this instantly became one of my jams. (You know those songs you keep on repeat in the car...listen to...rap over the song while you of those).

Well they made a video for it. Word to Mistah FAB he spit one of my favorite verses on this (I picked up the CD the same day Mistah FAB did this exclusive freestyle for me).


Chip Lockder: Crime Docter (Word 2 SugarBoy)

This honestly doesn't have anything to do with anything but it's funny. No need to be serious and "Cool" all the time when you can be funny and bad-ass and touch boobs and punch bad guys n sh!t. N'ahmean?


Casey Veggies "Life Changes"

Casey Veggies is that dude. His production's always on point and his laid back delivery places him in the lane of Dom Kennedy. Enjoy it.


Cheshire Cat

Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favorite pieces of literature (and the Disney movie is pretty ill, too. I saw Tim Burton's and one other remake that was....interesting).

But the Cheshire Cat is that dude.

Tell everyone you agree with this hat (which comes in snapback AND fitted) from New Era. See below to see the Snapback version. the design/colors on the FRONT are the same but the shape, back, Bill underside, and price are different.


KEEP IT LIT Crewneck(49ers)

The good people at Planet of the Grapes Apparel in the Bay continue their "Keep it Lit" line with this ill San Francisco 49ers-colored crewneck. They've styled everyone from Baby Bash, Too $hort, Soulja Boy, E40 and more and have been doing their thing for a minute.

You may remember PG from my shoot for HEX and Native Union.

Order this now and support your team! (if you're a niners fan that is lol).