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Sean Price on PAWN STARS??

I'd pay top dollar for that...


Kevin Durant: KD VI NSW (Nike)

Fresh off the RocNation Sports signing, KD is following the sneaker trend in creating off-the-court footwear and previewed his KD VI NSW on instagram.
[Crazy long name that kinda reminds me of the show NTSF:SD:SUV on Adult Swim lol]

Large Paper: The Duck Camo 5 Panel Camper

Camo's always in style so check out this ill new adjustable, 5-panel camo camper by Large Paper.

Essince Throwback: Dirty "Hit da Floe"

This was the JAM and it STILL goes. You betta hit da floe....


Asher Roth "The Green House Effect vol 2"

Asher Roth is underrated as an MC. I always knew he had talent regardless of what people said about his platinum single "I Love College".

I met Dj Drama outside my homegirl's hotel in NYC a year or so ago and we briefly talked about volume 1 so I'm glad to see they're all working together for volume 2.


DuckoMcfli "SykDuck"

Finally got some time to go through some emails and checked out this project by Skysense [@Sykesense] and DuckoMcFli [@DuckoMcfli], "SkyDuck"...from the first track it had my attention...

WELCOME BACK! (+ concrete magazine & more)

MAN! It's been a crazy week. Crazy, crazy week. I haven't had time to do much of anything. I was on tour in Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati, Ohio (video coming soon) then I left directly from Cincy came home for 2 hours, took a shower and drove up to Cleveland to volunteer at a children's day camp for Adopted Latinos (like myself) to teach them about our culture then was busy at night and forreal haven't had any free time in like a week.


Essince Birthday Giveaway 2013 presented by ZINIO



Fathers' Day Rap *FIXED*

Sorry for the delays posting. I'm on the road touring right now and ended up dead tired crashing on couches and hotel beds when I got back but wanted to continue my tradition of terrible, holiday-themed rap songs.

To all the dads actively and responsibly raising their children.


The "Maui Wowi" Strapback by DGK

DGK is back and continuing the trend(?) of strapbacks with their Black & Yellow Floral "Maui Wowi" strapback. This pattern is pretty clean. I love they continued it under the bill.

Check it out and cop yours from CraniumFitteds in time for the summer.


Essince Throwback: Naughty by Nature ft 3LW "Feels Good"

I was talking with someone the other day and we ended up texting each other links to videos from our youth. We got to talking about 3LW and I sent her this video. This was MY JAM back in the day.


Мишка Presents: Keep Watch Vol. XXXVI: DJ Sliink

Ahh...remember when mixtape DJs actually mixed and added their remixes. Those were the days...

Oh...wait...there are still people doing that? And they're teaming up with Mishka? And it's free? Cool.

You're welcome.


Le$ "E36"

This cover caught my eye on Livemixtapes the other day and I decided to check it out and I'm only part way in so far but I'm really diggin' this. I just got a new car and I feel like cruising...this is gonna be my soundtrack today. Enjoy.


"Still Got it Made" Termanology x Realm Reality x Easy Money

I've been a long time Term fan as well as a fan of the work (on and off the screen) of Realm Reality (remember the track we did?) so after I heard Realm got signed I've been checking for his new work. He's ill and look forward to the new music coming out.

Check out "Still Got it Made" by Termanology, Realm Reality, and Easy Money.


Fubiz TV [France]

Fubiz TV 20 - Pedro Winter from Fubiz TV on Vimeo.

I've been a big fan of french cultural site, Fubiz for a while and wanted to share some of their video content, too. I'll let this speak for itself. If like me you don't speak ne parles pas bien le can still enjoy the culture and beauty of this video.

Au sommaire cette semaine :

- The Quiet City - Winter in Paris
- Caldera
- Phantom Flex4K
- Orlando Santos - For Real
- Duet for Leaves & Turntable
- Interview de Pedro Winter


NBC's Brian Williams rapping Snoop Dogg?


Essince Throwback: Notorious B.I.G. "Sky's the Limit"

Arguably my favorite Biggie song. I always loved the vibe of the song. And the video's dope, too. RIP.


Crimxon "The Hype"

I wasn't familiar to Toronto native, Crimxon until I received his last song "Champagne Room". The more I listened to it to more I liked the point I was jammin' it. Then he sent this song (actually I got 5 emails in about a day about it lol). I finally caved in and played it and here we are.

This dude is pretty ill. Dig the change up, too. But check this out.

Oil Money Gang ft Jadakiss

I'm not sure what it is about Rick Ross (the rapper) but I like him. Yeah yeah. I know the story. Shoot, I know the guy who originally had the video of DJ Vlad getting stomped out for exposing him...AND I'm doing some work with the Real Rick Ross and I support his struggle but...I can't front, the rapper makes some cool music and I can't lie about that. I always liked extended videos with a story line. Check this out then enjoy the smooth sounds of Rozay and Jadakiss.

It's ok to like this. I assure you.


Sikai "These Lines" MV



K-Os "The Lizard Song" MV

I can't remember how I was first introduce to wait, yes I can. I was watching music videos and saw "Superstar Part 0" and it was incredible. I since bought most of his CDs and saw him live once in Pittsburgh at a Myspace Secret Show [remember those??] with Gym Class Heroes when they first had a video on MTV.

K-Os remains consistent while still evolving. I'm a huge fan and supporter of what I believe truly showcases art in hip-hop.


Chris Rivers "Wonderland Of Misery" [Big Pun's Son]

The first time I heard Chris Rivers [fka Baby Pun] was on a Cuban Link track on a mixtape back in the day. From rumors of a group with other MCs kids to a few tracks here and there he's released his debut, "Wonderland of Misery: 6 Line Chronicles".


San Cisco live Radio Cover [Australia]

Stumbled upon this video this morning of an Australian radio show on Triple J called "Like a Version" (clever) which allows new acts to perform an original and a cover. This group, San Cisco covered Pharrell and Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" complete with a cute chick on the bongos. They killed it.

Check the original here and stream future shows here at