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Welcome the New Willenium (+14) [Happy New Year!]

Will Smith "Will2k" music video (director copy) from Caruso Company on Vimeo.

I may have shared this exactly one year ago but I don't care. I'll probably make it a tradition because, let's face it...this is THE best New Year song ever.

MASA & THE POWER: The Rise & Fall of the Tamale Kingpin [Trailer]

What ju know about Felipe Fernando Fernandez?

Masa & the flour becomes Masa and the Power.


Reverie "On the Road" MV

Time. Funny how we can never have enough of something that doesn't even exist. It and life (and by extension, existence) are cyclical but we still need to divide up our energy and attention between an incredible amount of things in a limited existence in this form. Something is neglected so something else can grow. Duality. Yin/yang.


ESSINCE THROWBACK: Nolan Thomas - Yo' Little Brother (1984)

WOW!!! I found this after watching a Little Brother performance and MAN this This is dope. I've never heard of Nolan Thomas but I want to find more lol This is nuts. Props on the outfit, dude.


Santa Sessions

Probably my favorite Xmas video. My dad sent me this a few years ago. Anyone who's been in a studio with suits before will dig this, too.
God bless & Merry Christmas from the essence of, me, @Essince.


Mayer Hawthorne "No Strings" MV

I recently watched & re-watched [x 1000] the episode of Live from Darryl's House with Mayer Hawthorne. Yes, Darryl is Darryl Hall from the illustrious Hall&Oates. He invites people over to his house to jam out and eat food. Pretty sweet.

Mayer was a guest and did this song. The live version is nasty but so is the original (and its video). Enjoy.


Hip Hop In: Korea

안녕! Welcome Welcome to this edition of my ongoing International series, "Hip Hop In". This episode is on Korea.

I first heard of Big Bang in '07 when I was studying in Thailand. I found their CD at the mall and picked it up thinking it was Chinese because of the MTV Asia sticker on it (I watched the channel all day for new music and they only played Chinese music)...Then thought it was Thai because the writing on it was in Thai....then I played it and realized it wasn't either and told myself if they weren't so tricky in their labels I wouldn't feel racist (not that I cared that I did...they also sing and rap in Japanese so what the F ever...)


Futuristic "Day By Day" ft Brielle Marie MV

I got an email from a trusted colleague (Whattup, Laura) about this guy, Futuristic. There are a few PR people I know who don't just work with ANYbody and by now I know the level of talent I expect when I get an email from them. But from all the touring, lectures, contest judging, and more I've done I hate to admit to myself I saw his name "Futuristic" and thought of Future...


FELIZ NAVIDAD!! (official ChrisMixtape)

Hoe Hoe Hoe!

I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my hearrrrtt!

And so does DJ Flaco Flash which is why we're bringing you THIS! "Feliz Navidad". Enjoy our favorite [urban] Xmas tunes from Snoop, Eazy, Luda, and many more (sorry no Dipset. Next year maybe?).

Ry SO Valid "Born In Da Ghetto" ft Fat Joe & Angel

I posted a video of Ry So Valid a while back and actually featured him in the pilot episode of my show (filming now. New season coming first quarter!) but the kid is nice. You'd hope being the son of Hip-Hop icon, Fat Joe at least some talent would trickle down.


Art Basel Miami 2013: The Mixtape

Art Basel hosts some of the biggest contemporary art shows in the country/world in Miami Beach and Hong Kong. This is the official mixtape from this year's recent festivities. Check it out, yo. Definitely has that South Beach vibe.


Essince Throwback: Hide Ya Kids!

So during my obsessive [re]watching of this Mister Rogers video the suggested videos at the end took me down memory lane (only 3 years) to THIS epic video. I forgot how big this story [aka character, Antoine Dodson] was. Man, the news always knows how to pick 'em, huh?

Too bad most of the songs I hear aren't 1/2 as catchy as this and it's just spliced video clips.


[New Zealand] David Dallas x Ruby Frost

Been a fan of David Dallas since I first featured him in the last episode of my international series "Hip Hop In" where I featured the Shire...I mean New Zealand.


Mister Rogers Remixed "Garden of Your Mind"


I grew up on Mr. Rogers. I vaguely remember seeing this before but it came back into my life a few minutes ago and I had to share this with you. This is so chill and that slide whistle solo is the business.

R.I.P. Mr. Rogers


Hand in Hand Clock

As far as furniture goes I'm all about modern. I usually skip over that section in art museums because, frankly I don't think much talent is needed to create some of that dreck BUT modern architecture and furniture?? All day.


SPZRKT "Lucid Dream"



Lorine Chia "Eve's Perspective" MV

I've heard about Lorine Chia for a minute here. We have some mutual friends/contacts and I liked what I heard but THIS really stood out to me.


FREESTYLE: Childish Gambino on Sway in the Morning

I'm tired of people thinking people need to only have One Talent, BUUTTTT they say we can't throw all our eggs in one basket and need to develop multiple skill sets to succeed....make up your minds, yo!


DJ Sarasa: mix from Blu x Exile tour [Japan]

DJ Sarasa is ill. I've known of her for a few years from my last trip to Japan in 2011. (Whattup Shux!) and she's been killing these mixes. This is from her tour with Blu & Exile. We briefly met but there's no way she'd remember that.

Anyone who puts The Roots, Black Milk, Vinnie Paz, and R.A. the Rugged Man in the first 10 tracks is cool in my book. So congrats, made the book. lol



Shrine: Sneaker backpack

I wonder if my size 15s would fit in this?

I'd probably end up using this more for my recording equipment or art supplies than sneakers but yo, this is nice. lol

Ohhh, sh!t does this bag cover my fitteds, too?

You know it does.

It's still in production but you can check out pictures and contribute to the Shrine Sneaker Backpack HERE