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RAEN Optics: Derbi [nomad] Sunglasses

"A blockier shape paired with a refined fit means everybody’s happy. Flat across the top, futuristic across the bottom, slightly oversized. The Nomad print with a brown lens might be our favorite."

I couldn't have said it better myself.


Bobby Brackins x Clyde Carson x TY$ "Big Body" MV

Bobby Brackins has been making some waves lately being all over (most recently in the controversial "I hit it first" track with Ray J. He comes back with a solo track with west coast heavy hitters, Clyde Carson & TY$ for the single "Big Body".

Catch the cameo with Too $hort. Not sure how you feel about him but dude's style is cool. The ladies featured are mad stylish, too. Check it out.

ILL CAMILLE "Live It Up" ft Iman Omari MV

Ill Camille's ill fa'real.


Summer Time Activity

Felt like sharing one of my favorite summer-feel songs, Snoop & DPG "Cali Iz Active". I think this is a Battlecar beat (one of my favorite producers of all time, too). Man, this has me looking at flights. Cali is Active, yo.

Can you name all the cameos??


Dee-1 "Psalms Of David"

At times Dee1's flow almost reminds of the Hot Boyz. Like...pre-Carter series Wayne (he's from the NO, too I believe). Power in Positivity, brotha.


Chuck Inglish "Droptops"

I've been a big fan of Mikey Rocks' solo works (especially "Lap of Luxury") so I wanted to give fellow Cool Kid Chuck Inglish's work a go. Anything with Asher Roth on it will probably get me to check it. Beats I can ride to. Smooth rhymes. I can dig it.

10 Deep: Tribes Tank

Streetwear staple, 10 Deep drops their summer line and I love the native/tribal pattern. This and other pieces are on sale at JackThreads for the next few days so hurry over and step up your summer style game!

Order HERE


Essince Style Guide: summer BBQ Edition

Summer is coming and that means one thing...BBQ. I'm tryna max out on the grille this weekend. Hopefully it'll be warm where you are so I put together an outfit from some featured items at @CraniumFitteds.


Essince Throwback: The Clipse "Grindin'" MV

If you ever rapped in your life I'd bet cash money you had someone bang this on a lunch table with a fist and a pen while you freestyled


Smigg Dirtee "Bout This Life" MV

I've been a Smigg Dirtee fan for a minute. I THINK I first heard of him thru my subscription to Murder Dog Magazine back in the day but I remember becoming a fan when I downloaded the Looned & Chopped version of his album "God Made Dirt" from the forums. I THINK Dj Loon from KC did it. but whatever...point is I've been a fan for awhile.

He dropped his new video "Bout This Life" the other day and I just watched it and wanted to share it.

New project comes out on my Birthday 6.18 so I'll definitely cop it.



AZ “We Movin’”

He's back like he never left.


Crimxon "Champagne Room"

Newcomer Crimxon hails Toronto, Canada. Listening to this in combination with his location will obviously bring Drake comparisons but there are worse people to be compared to. He sings and raps and the beat is kinda Drakey but like I said that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm on my second listen to it already.

What do you think?


Watch: The Player by Nixon

I love gooooold!

And I love watches. SO while I'm jamming this new GLC soaking up that ism I think I might have to cop this gold "the Player" watch from Nixon.

I suggest you do the same.

Wanna save some chee$e? Enter rep code "Essince" at checkout.


Gilbere Forte "PRAY"

I knew of Gilbere Forte but honestly never checked his music like that. I thought he was cool but you know...whatever. For whatever reason I was looking for a new mixtape to feature on 365Voice and didn't want the trap stuff all over the front page of livemixtapes (but there's a time and place for everything). I saw Gilbere had a new project and thought..."what the H? I'll check it out."

First song? Posted on 365. 2nd song? Downloaded. 3rd song? Posted on here for you. Enjoy.

Hip Hop In: France (part deux)

It's been a MINUTE [or as the French say "minute"] since I contributed to my international "hip hop in..." series and I wanted to do something about that. For those unaware this series showcases international hip-hop. France has put out some of my favorite hip-hop throughout the years because of the natural melodic fluidity of the language it translates well into music. Like this video for "Petit Bilan" ('small balance' I believe? Je ne parles pas bien le france) by Phileas Flow and Kodac aka M80.

The second verse is in English but open up and try something new. Enjoy!

See previous episodes:
ep. 13 - Italy
Ep. 12 - Canada
Ep. 11 - Spain
Ep. 10 - Finland
EP. 9 - France
Ep. 8 - London
Ep. 7 - South Africa
Ep. 6 - Japan
Ep. 5 - Germany
Ep. 4 - Thailand
Ep. 3 - Norway
Ep. 2 - Hong Kong
Ep. 1 - Cambodia


Essince Throwback: Positive K "I Got A Man"

There was a short period in my life when I lived like while it lasted but really messed up my life for a minute. lol But enough of that. here's a cool little Essince Fun Fact: Positive K actually performed the female vocals on this and raised the pitch in his voice.

Best line?

"My man takes buys me things and takes me out"
"Well you can keep ya man 'cuz I don't go that route"

haha. classy...

The Urban Gentleman’s Bag by Luigi Sardo

As much as I love my backpacks (especially from HEX) they don't always work well with suits or dressier. Enter the "Urban Gentleman's Bag", Handcrafted by the finest leather craftsman in Toronto, and it shows.

Coming in Brown Leather/Hemp [above] or Chestnut Leather with Paisley Textile [below] this bag is beautiful.

Inner Dimensions - 15″ long, 11″ deep, 6″ wide

Constructed of Genuine Leather Outer, Polyester/Ballistic Nylon Lining, Italian Hardware (YKK Zippers) & Shoulder Strap Included + FREE Luigi Sardo Essentials Kit with each purchase.

Big Body

Bobby Brackins has been making some waves, most recently with his appearance on Ray J's controversial "I Hit It First" but I saw a trailer for his new video "Big Body" a week back and was looking forward to the audio (which features Clyde Carson & TY$).

Check the video trailer and jam the song below.


More Hip Hop X Sneakers X Vagina

Chi-town Producer/Emcee September 6th [@IAMSIXTH] drops his new project, "More Hip Hop x Sneakers x Vagina"...with a title like that what's not to like? (assuming it's all clean that is...across the board).

The project titles are associated with classic kicks, too. He has a few features from artists I'm not familiar with (though a name or two rings a bell because of other Chicago connections) but nonetheless it's pretty smooth.

Listen/DL below.


Blue Camo Cargo

It's about that time, y'all...time to get put away your crewnecks and khakis and break out the shorts. Cargo shorts have been making their comeback as have camo and the color why not combine all 3?

And with sizes up to 44 most of us can rock these, too so check it out/order here


ICP & Boyz 2 Men Show Us How to Love Our Mommies

I don't mean together as in a collaboration (wouldn't that be nuts??). I know "Dear Mama" from 2Pac comes to everyone's mind when discussing mom songs from the hip-hop generation but here are 2 more which I feel are awesome. They're both uniquely beautiful.

Boyz II Men are obviously ineffably talented and have incredible voice but the humble honesty from Violent J of ICP shows a true, unconditional love I really appreciate, too.

My parents are going to visit my paternal grandmother for her 90th birthday tomorrow but I have an obligation keeping me from the trip but I'll see my maternal grandmother for a while. But I can't wait to see my mommy.

The same people who say 'this is just a commercial holiday' are the same ones who complain about Valentine's day...shut up, I say. Of course I love my mother every day but why can't I enjoy setting aside a whole day for her? I get older every day but I only celebrate it once a year and I don't hear you drunk tramps complaining about THAT.

But enough mood killing. Enjoy the time with or memories of your mother and God Bless the moms.


GLC & Get Gwop "The Pulpit"

Embrace the Ism!



Dizzee Rascal x Robbie Williams "Goin' Crazy" MV

After the Shoreditch London style post I just made I thought I should feature this new Dizzee Rascal x Robbie Williams video for "Goin' Crazy".

Pre-order here.

London Style

During Fashion Week IAmOther took to the Shoreditch, London streets to see the style on the streets. Check it out and get hip[ster?] to Brick Lane style from across the pond.


Logic "Welcome to Forever"

Def Jam's newest signee drops his new project, "Welcome to Forever". This kid is ill. I've been listening for a minute but I'm happy to see this kid making moves.

Essince Throwback: K7 ''Come Baby Come'' [1993]

Coming straight from the Jock Jams era, its' K7 with his hit "Come Baby Come" from the album "Swing Batta Swing" I remember hearing a Cleveland Indians version of the song "Swing Batta Swing" back on 92.3 back when I was a kid lol but this was the Jam.


Hiatus "We Can Be Ghosts Now" MV

"Urban" doesn't mean rap & R&B. Urban comes from the urban center and can include MANY different genres and forms of artistic expression. I saw this video last night/early this morning and loved it. I'm a big animation fan and of creative music videos. It seems a lot of hip-hop videos aren't as creative as other genres so I look for things to stimulate my other senses.

Enter South London's Hiatus with "We Can Be Ghosts Now" featuring Shura. "Colourful triangles in an epic love story!"

Hiatus - We Can Be Ghosts Now (feat. Shura) from Tom Jobbins on Vimeo.


Director - Tom Jobbins
Production Design - John Reynolds
Cinematographer - Matthias Pilz
Compositor - Jonathan Topf
Colourist - Danny Atkinson
Editor - Robert Mila


Russ Chimes "Turn Me Out" MV

Russ Chimes - Turn Me Out from Mathy & Fran on Vimeo.

Yo, this song takes me back to the early 90s dance crazy a la "C&C Music Factory Everybody Dance Now" or "Jock Jams". The look of the video is dope, too. I'll let it speak for itself, though. Enjoy.


Wyclef Jean "April Showers"

I've always been a fan of Wyclef and felt like he was mad slept on. Seriously. People forget about him and all he's done for hip-hop. When I saw the banner ad for this on DatPiff I had to check it out (the advertising worked). But this is dope. I put it on when I was in Louisville and just let let it ride. I recommend you try it out, too.

He murders a creole remix to "love sosa" but to be honest I lightweight jam to that song (the melody is so catchy!) and Clef takes time at the end of the project to introduce new talent. (emphasis on talent).

J Cole "Truly Yours 2"

Sorry for the delay. I was traveling back from a crazy (but productive) trip to the Kentucky Derby. *Side note* if you get a chance to go once I highly recommend it. And Jim Porter's GOES on Sundays.

Anyway, when J Cole first came out I'll be real in that I wasn't a big fan of his. I think it's because I felt he didn't have a personality. He was just a dude who could rap. I felt that way about Wale, too in that he didn't have a personality to me. But the more I heard about J Cole I figured what the heck I'll give him a chance and I really like his style. He works hard and can spit. so when his new single with Miguel came out I was jammin' that heavy so when I got this in my inbox I had to share it with you.

"Truly Yours"

- Essince


KY Derby

I'm in Louisville, Kentucky right now at Derby Week jammin' out with Kymp Kamp. Kentucky isn't a state normally looked at for hip-hop...or even SOUTHERN hip-hop for that matter so I had to share one of my favorite songs (which of course is from KY) with the Nappy Roots & "Roun' the Globe".

Holla...I'll not to blow all my money at the track....and all my mom's friends told me to have a mint julip for them....okay...I'll see what I can do...

What's a trip to Louisville without sharing tracks by Bukshot & Wu-Tang Affiliate Father Jah?


Pogo x SpongeBob

Are you familiar with Australian artist, Pogo? Short story short he chops up video clips and uses their sound blips to make a completely new song and it's dope. This Spongebob is new [to me] but I've posted some others that were sick.

He did this INCREDIBLY dope Fresh Prince remix as well as this video that introduced me to him which was Pixar's "UP". Both are fantastic.

Reverie "It Is What It Is" MV

Oh my, this girl....y'all know how I feel about Reverie. Watch the video. Interact. Check our interview and support this lady's movement.


[Not sure if "chuuch" translates into español like that but I'm usin' it]


Rhyme In Paradise, Chris Kelly

It's Crazy....I was just on Jermaine Dupri's Global 14 Radio ["The Cut"] the other day talking about how Kris Kross is LITERALLY why I got into the game as a kid. "Jump" was and IS one of my all-time favorite songs. I used to go to the bathroom in first grade JUST so I could turn my clothes around. One day 4 other kids copied me and the teacher took away my bathroom privileges. lol [True story].

"It is with deep sadness that we announce that our beloved Chris Kelly has passed away on May 1. To millions of fans worldwide, he was the trendsetting, backwards pants-wearing one-half of Kris Kross who loved making music. But to us, he was just Chris – the kind, generous and fun-loving life of the party. Though he was only with us a short time, we feel blessed to have been able to share some incredible moments with him. His legacy will live on through his music, and we will forever love him.

-- Donna Kelly Pratte (mother) & The So So Def Family

Rest In Peace. Rhyme In Paradise. Remembered In Prosperity.


"The Essince of Hip-Hop" Episode ONE

What it do what it do? Recently I was blessed with the opportunity to work with a new network, BlockStarz.TV and after some discussion about things I proposed the idea I'd had for a while to produce my own video show.

Let's face it, they aren't what they used to be. I know I know everything "was better in my day" but long gone are the days of music video shows with trustworthy/culture loving hosts but more and MORE we're telling artists they need to create videos but are not providing an outlet for them. $$$$ for WSHH or oversaturation and no marketing on Youtube. Where do artists go to showcase their abilities?

Right here, y'all. This will be the new home for videos, the new outlet for artists, the Essince of Hip-Hop.


(This is just the pilot, trust me, I have some awesome things in store for you in the coming episodes. Stay tuned!)

@djtomoko n Ucca-Laugh Performance+Interview [Japan]

I met @DjTomoko n Ucca Laugh [@Ucca23] about a year & a 1/2 ago. I think we met online first but then we kicked it at a show I had in Shibuya, Tokyo. And besides being hella cute they are dope and their live show is nasty.

With their debut hitting #2 on the iTunes Japan HipHop charts, their career has only expanded since then. Check up on everything at

すぐに僕は日本にいきたい so I'll probably be back there soon. But check out my girls and here are a few pics from my most recent Shibuya Show.

I rep that Akron Aeros wherever I go
my pre-beard baby-faced ass with @DJTomoko Ucca Laugh, Mio Soul

Show Flier

Chance the Rapper "Acid Rap"

I've been hearing the name Chance the Rapper a lot lately. At first I got him confused with a Canadian MC named Snak the Ripper from Vancouver (not to be confused with Chip tha Ripper, now known as King Chip). None of them look a like but it's 'the ripper/rapper' part that did it.

But the game's been buzzin' on the windy city's own, Chance and his new project "Acid Rap" is pretty ill. I hate to be cliche in saying "refreshing" but it is and I said it so I'm not taking it back. This project is too fresh. I had to update this post because I put it on and just let it ride and dang it's ill.

Listen for yourself below then watch this Snak the Ripper video below that.