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Jay Ant - Let Me Ball (Music Video)

HBK's Jay Ant @JayAntMusic drops his new video. This joint is pretty smooth. I'd rent a rari and slap this in it.

"Let Me Ball has become a phrase and response often uttered on Twitter in response to haters who just won't let the young guy shine." - Thizzler.

^^ There you haev it. Enjoy:


Dizzy Wright x Demrick - Roll My Weed (Official Video)

I met Demrick (fka Young De) back in November of 2008 at the Latin Rap Conference (Whattup, Shysti!). That was my first big music conference and started me on my way. There was a party and Young De got up and did the verse from a song with BReal and Killed it. We briefly talked (there's no way he'd remember meeting me). But I've been a fan since.

Check out the second single off Dizzy Wright & Demrick's upcoming "Blaze With Us" mixtape dropping later this year.

Download Here


DJ Brian B "Summer Mix" [Hot Fire]

So I just got back from my cousin's wedding in Rosemary Beach, FL (Beautiful high class beach and the wedding/reception were great, since I know you wanted to know).

I was chilling at the reception eating oysters and drinking drinks and DJ Brian B was playing. I wasn't paying too much attention because the mood was dope then I noticed some really funky Sam Smith and Tracy Champan remixes (I mean HELLA funky) and had to go talk to him. Dude killed it. He travels all over the country doing weddings and other events. I used to work at a country club and worked dozens and dozens of weddings, I haven't seen m/any DJs work it like that.

He KILLS THIS mix. Anyone who throws in "Ditty" by Paperboy with little hints of Big Pun under Young Money vocals gets props from Essince. Check it out and learn more about him here:


Can't Stop The Feeling

SO I was at an event last Saturday to support my girls', K&S Promotions [see picture below], first event together under the new name. As people were trickling in the DJ had some pretty crunchy jams on and I noticed a few guys, assuming they weren't being watched, REALLY let loose and allow themselves to have fun. I tweeted this:

And I meant every word of it. To WITNESS someone just forget all about who's watching, or what's cool, or what moves are "in" or any of that superficial Bull Shit and Just LET GO and Live in the Moment and feel the vibration (marky mark style) is so beautiful.

I watched the First Listen video with the vocal cast of "Trolls" dancing to this song (see here) and fell in love with the song (for obvious reasons) but also seeing people just let loose and be silly felt good and reminded me of the other night. I just listened to it and saw he'd released the official video so I'm sharing it with you now.

Press play. Feel good. Make someone else feel good. Repeat.


DJ Ghost: The Bay Report: May 2016

Since my first Thizzler event a few years ago, I've been slapping DJ Chost's (@ImDJGhost) "Bay Report" mixes.
This is the best way to stay up on all the new slaps. "Ghost made sure to include all of the biggest drops from the past month and throw them in to one seamless mix."

Enjoy it like I know you will.


Santastic: Sweat Shorts/スウェットショーツ (Japan)

Y'all know I rock with Japanese fashion, particularly Santastic after my love of the manga/Anime, Tokyo Tribe (both created by Santa Inoue). Warm weather is coming and depending on where you live it's already here. Sweats are the in thing and I'm not trying to get swamp ass in these hot summers...what's that you say? sweat Shorts?


Dope little logo stamp

Zipper Pockets are mad convenient


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The Broken Orchestra "Glass/Thirty One"

The Broken Orchestra is DOPE. I've been a fan of their work for a while. They're a "UK based production duo creating soulful, chilled yet experimental music with layers and textures of instrumentation and sounds." The description seems to fit perfectly so I used it. I was looking for something I could play for my mom (since a lot of what I listen to isn't "mom-friendly"). But this is just Good Music. Enjoy it. I know you will.

"Glass" featuring Melentini
The latest single release from The Broken Orchestra see’s a return to layered textures and experimental sounds with the surreal but intriguing vocal talents of Melentini. Written as collaboration between the duo and Berlin based vocalist, ‘Glass’ features a haunting blend of layered vocals and subtly crafted instrumentation. Whilst musically remaining routed in the simplistic style and sound the duo has evolved and grown over the past few years, it has been highlighted as an exciting progression in the collectives’ development.

"Thirty One"
With the production duo constantly writing music it’s easy to find a catalogue of carefully crafted, layered, instrumentals which portray different moods and vibes throughout. With the intention of accompanying the single ‘Glass’ the B-Side, 'Thirty One, track was written as a powerful movement of melody and distortion, exploring a dark sound of elements that normally are used to portray light and smooth transitions.


Rahzel Jr. "Almost There" MV

I've always been a fan of legacy artists (ie. Big Pun's son, Chris Rivers) and The Roots has always been one of my favorite groups. A beatboxer really gave me advice and helped me get started in this business when I was a kid just getting started in music.

So if the Son of a Beatboxer from The Roots releases a video you know I'm gonna check it out!

Rahzel Jr, (son of famous beatboxer/artist from The Roots, Rahzel) releases his new video for the single, “Almost There”.

Rahzel Jr enlists some heavyweight production for his new EP from Amadeus, Easy Moe Bee, Sneaky Beanz, and more. The EP will also entail what life was like growing up with his father, transitioning from college to the real world, obstacles, family life, and expressing his love for the Hip Hop culture – embodied with undeniable music and skillful lyricism.

Check out Rahzel Jr.’s video for “Almost There”:


Dmo "Here I Go" EP

Dmo releases his new EP, "Here I Go" to whet your appetites for his forthcoming "Roofless California" Album, set to release July 2016. This dude is pretty dope.

"Dmo has been quite but working. He is set to release 3 projects this year along with a variety of visuals. First up is this 5 track EP "Here I Go". This essentially acts as a Foreword to the long anticipated Roofless California Album which is set to release in July of 2016. Follow @ThisIsDmo on all platforms and stay up-to-date."

Twitter: @ThisIsDmo


Victoria Di Giovanni "Boyzone" MV

I've featured Canadian songstress, Victoria Di Giovanni before. She's dope. I love her voice. I love her hair...She's a great writer...She's fine. There, I said it!

"Boyzone", a post-modern feminist anthem that fights to bring together the polarized genders, sets the tone for her next album with its dream-like synths and chorus:"You're a father, I'm a mother, you need me just like I need you", which stresses the importance of harmonious living instead of living within boundaries that affect not only women, but men as well.
[That was quite the sentence. My English teacher would be proud].

Pretty dope, Victoria. All I ask is you give your American boy a holler next time you need a video model. I've been doing squats.

P.S. she edited this, too.

Twitter @officialVDG
IG @officialVDG