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Woolf After Surf Jacket

Woolf has an ill design in this summer "After Surf Jacket". Complete with a drawstring hood and leather visor, this jacket is perfect for this cool, but still kinda sunny weather we've been having.


The SUPRA Footwear Collection for Women

SUPRA always has some ill designs and I saw a while ago that Nova Rockafeller [@NovaRockafeller] was working with them and is seen in this video modeling them.

I've been a fan of Nova's for a while and if I ever find a pair of Supras in my size [15 should do it] I'll buy a pair lol.

What's the verdict, ladies?

Becoming King

I got an email recently about Bad Boy's new artist, King Los going on tour and though I knew OF him I never listened to him. I woke up in the middle of the night and got online for something I had to handle and decided to listen to him.


Good Authority [Norway]: Tweed String Pants [M/F]

I first started working with Shyam [Founder/Designer, Good Authority, Bergen, Norway] through another label of his, Vibrant Originators. We were introduced through a mutual friend I met while in Thailand [A Honduran-born, American-raised guy meeting a Norwegian while studying in Thailand...that's where the "global" comes from in "Global Urban Culture" lol].

Essince Throwback: Fugees "Fu-Gee-La"

No description needed. If you don't know the Fugees here's your introduction. Wyclef recently dropped "April Showers", Lauryn is in prison, and I haven't looked up Pras but he has a short run as a solo artist for a bit. If Lauryn gets her mind right a Fugees reunion would be incredible.

Until then....enjoy


Love At First Sound "Reckless Youth"

"Just attempting to inspire you the way you've inspire me. Hope all is well."

What a great way to get me to click on a link lol. Dude has a very chicagoy/Kanyey delivery (and I don't mean to insult by comparison). Short and sweet. Check it out yo.


Essince Throwback: Gang Starr "Full Clip" MV

I've always been a Gang Starr fan [R.I.P. GURU!] and Full Clip is my Jam! Celebrate the legacy of this legendary duo with this video.

CUNE :STANDARD 耳付きジーパン ウサギ5A [Eared Rabbit Jeans 5A]

I remember shopping with a friend in Tokyo a year or so ago and came across CUNE. I took a picture of some of the jeans to be sure I got some next time I was in the country (they didn't have much in my size). But they have some really ill designs. Some of the things I think of when I think of the vibrant creativity seen in Harajuku fashion.


The Artis "Scottie Pippen"

"If I walked on Water could I make it Past 33"....dope


Superdry Chest Hoopstripe Polo

I first met reps from SuperDry at Agenda in LBC a year or so ago and loved the vintage/tailored/Asian x US x UK inspired look they have. It's not easy to mix all those looks together but they found a way to do it and it looks clean.


@MouseOnThaTrack "Bye B!tch"

This song is super laid back. Despite the word "Bitch" in this title this is very upbeat/positive. lol Keep that negativity to yourself!


Mitchell And Ness Portland Trailblazers The Splatter Visor SNAPBACK

Portland is a cool city. I didn't spend enough time there last time but I was there long enough for a show and a few donuts from VooDoo Donuts (word to Man vs Food).

Mitchell and Ness is back with this ill Splatter Visor snapback. Word to Jackson Pollack for the splatters (not really).


Welcome to Detroit

What's the word, yo? I'm procrastinating on packing but in about an hour I'll be leaving for Detroit to handle some bidness. I decided to share a few of my favorite Detroit songs. Check it.


Droop-E "Ridin Solo" MV

I love seeing the artists I grew up with passing the torch to their children (Remember Fat Joe's Son, Ry So Valid?)

Droop-E is the son of the illustrious E-40 and "Droopy" is my favorite cartoon character so there's no reason Not to like this. From the album "Hungry and Humble".

Ridin So-lo but I'm so High....


Essince Throwback: Cool Breeze "Watch For The Hook" ft OutKast & Goodie Mob

Don't act like this wasn't one of the illest posse cuts ever.


Fresco "Breaking Away" MV+Album

I used to talk to Soleternity WAAAAY back in the day. I mean back when was the jam and soundclick wasn't even born yet thanks to a little bit of technology I like to call AIM. His beats were ill back in middle school and he actually sent me the masters of a few he didn't have up for free download and I always remembered that. He's one of the few who went on to work with the greats and is to this day one of my favorite producers.

Because of my battle rap nerd-dom I'm familiar with Fresco as well so to hear a track of both of them together was like a dream. Then I watched the video, too which is pretty clean.


Bobby Brackins "Maxwell Park"

Not sure why I jam this guy's tracks. But I do. His beats knock. Unique voice. Lyrics are cool....oh...I guess that's why.

Plus with the "Big Body" Video I shared a while back which features Clyde Carson and Ty Dolla Sign (whose new album has not left my car since I downloaded it).

Time will tell what the shelf life of this is but check it out. Good summer riding tracks.


Chingo Bling "Brown n Proud" MV

Little late on posting this bideo pero check out the video for @ChingoBling's video, "Brown n Proud" off his latest release, "Juan Hunna".

Say it Loud Say it Loud!



Just watch.


Jammer "Mind Body and Soul" MV [UK]

Straight out the UK comes Jammer with "Mind, Body, and Soul" from his latest release ("Living the Dream"]. Check out his new video. Love from across the pond.


Entree "The Teddy Galaxy" Tank Top

Entree LS is back with an ill  all over print, galaxy-themed, breast-pocketed tank. 
Rock this with some solid shorts (navy blue, khakis, black....almost thinking with the right accessories Red might look cool). Throw on a black watch, maybe a bracelet and some nice sunglasses and you're set for some Star Gazing.

Order yours here from the good people @CraniumFitteds


Tokyo Green Suite

Hip-Hop has a fascination with Asia. You can see it from Wu-Tang to Ghost Dog to anime like Afro Samurai, Samurai Champloo, and my all time favorite, Tokyo Tribe. As a hip-hopper who's spent time in Japan (and other parts of Asia) I'm always intrigued when I see allusions to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Chanel West Coast "Put In Work" ft Snoop Dogg

I always wanted to hear a Serious track from Chanel (of MTV's Fantasy Factory fame). She teams up with Evan Ross and the Illustrious Snoop for this track, "Put in Work".

Whatchu thank?


RAEN Summer Hat Collection

Eyewear company, Raen Optics is expanding it's territory to headwear with this new summer line of hats. Check out a sneak peak below!


MGK "Black Flag"

This might be my favorite release from MGK. I've known him since '09 and have everything from Homecoming to this new project. I love supporting people who not only are from my area but also are ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING with their lives. This dude always worked hard and believed in himself. Respect.

Check "Black Flag".


Sugar Boy: GrandParents with Guns

Hopefully all you Americans are out of your food coma. And hopefully the rest of you are alive just for the sake of being alive. Happy Friday after Independence Day.

I was looking for the right music to feature but my emails were kinda..."meh". I checked a few other sites and they weren't talking about anything worth looking into so you know what? Sugar Boy. Sugar Boy is a boy and he ate a lot of sugar. Wanna hear a story? He'll tell you a story...






My quest for knowledge has taken me down the proverbial rabbit hole and back again. I came across this Tank while browsing instagram early one morning and found Third Kind Apparel's [@3rdkindapparel] new tank featuring Metatron's Cube and the Flower of Life (both sacred geometrical shapes) and it caught my eye. Not just for it's spiritual and mathematical significance but also because I like black tanks and Gold.


TY Dolla Sign "Beach House 2"

I first became familiar with Ty $ by his cameo on Bobby Brackins' Big Body along with Clyde Carson which prompted me to check the tape. This kinda has an R. Kelly vibe to it more than anything else...and I mean that in the best way possible.

ThatGuySoda "Legendary"

I love the vibe of this. I'm not familiar with ThatGuySoda [@ThatGuySoda] but this is pretty clean. He has features from Fat Trel, Dizzy Wright, Rocky Diamonds & more. Check it out, yo.


Essince LIVE on Stage

Yeaaaahhhhh BOY!

Feels good to step out from the shadows of the business world back into the limelight. This is from the tour with the Ohio Hip Hop Awards I just finished. I was an official sponsor through my marketing company, Royal Heir Entertanment as well as a guest judge for the performers and had to grab a little stage time myself. This is from the date in Cleveland. Shout out to G Host for the footage.