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G-Scott "Falling Up"

@GScottKing does his thing on thie @TyjuanOnTheBeat track. Check it out.

Dizzee Rascal (Official Song of 2012 Olympics)

MAD respect to Dizzee Rascal for getting so much inclusion in the Olympics. This is a huge achievement for hiphop. I was excited to see him in the opening ceremony but this video is dope and it being the official song of the London Olympics is pretty cool, too. And Pepper adds a beautiful hook to this song.

Pre-Order the song here

@dizzeerascal & @pepperofficial

(Me with Diz in LA at a video shoot)


Aer "Floats My Boat"

I'm not too familiar with these guys but according to their press release they're #1 on iTunes. lol But after doing some research I can see why. I'm kinda diggin' these guys and this track "Floats My Boat" is great for summer.

Their album "finds its roots in reggae, acoustic pop and indie rock, with smooth guitar riffs and a strong rap component."

They just finished a 34-city tour and are going back on the road, too. Check the video and let me know what you think.

Cop the album HERE


USA! USA!'s Olympics season so I'm gonna post some of my favorite Olympic-inspired gear from Jacues Move ["jock move"] and OH-based, Ilthy. Check these designs and cop from the links at the end.


ILTHY Summer ReOpening

I've been a big fan of ILTHY for awhile (I even interviewed Ilthy's Glen Infante 3 years ago for the Ohio Hip Hop Award but sadly some of the pics I linked to aren't there anymore but you can see SOMEthing). There will also be art by Glen and Wan (who redesigned my company, Royal Heir Entertainment's logo).

Check out some samples of their summer line here and see what the hype [from people like Complex] is about:

ILTHY Summer 2012 Lookbook from iLTHY on Vimeo.

D'Lorin x Cyhi Da Prynce "A.S.A.P. (Always Strive And Prosper)"

I've been a Cyhi Da Prynce fan for a minute and this time he's featured on D'Lorin's [who I'm unfamiliar with] J Wess produced, "A.S.A.P. (Always Strive And Prosper)".

What do you think? D'Lorin comes in a little off-beat to me in the beginning and his verse is 'ok' to me but the 3rd verse from his is cool. Cyhi also delivers an 'ok' verse to me. I'm a CyHi fan but this track is more of a 'I came from the bottom, you're a hater but I don't care. I like money and hoes' kinda track so I guess he doesn't need to try that hard but the track is still pretty cool and worth a listen. Thoughts?


Egypt Through The Glass Shop (Trailer)

I first met CEO of Amalgam Digital a few years ago at a music conference in Cleveland and we kept in touch off and on since. Next (@Anyextee, get it? Any-Ex-Tee, N-E-X-T...whatever, you got it. I think it's cool) is one of the people I know travels more than me and definitely handles his business (recently signing, Chuuwee).

This is his directorial debut and the film was screened at the Brooklyn HipHop Festival. From Cairo, Next "delivers a powerful first-hand account of the Egyptian Revolution--an event which provided crucial inspiration to the Occupy movement begun in New York. The film is experienced through the journey of a young entrepreneur and talented glass blower who set up a shop and, using new techniques, provides an update to the original method of glass blowing. Before long, they find themselves trapped in the country during the civil unrest that sparked the Arab Spring. After his business partner is hit in the head with a rock, the glass blower's shop falls into disarray and he finds himself displaced from the enterprise. A year later, he returns with Next to reclaim his life’s work."

This looks dope. I can't wait to see it.


SUPRA Skytop III “Lava”

I've always been a fan of Supra and these Skytio III's do nothing but strengthen my love. lol

Apparently they come in 15 & 16, too! (but they're out so I'm hoping their 14s run big bc I might have to cop these ASAP)


DJ Mahf x Lauryn Hill

I first met DJ Mahf a few years ago at a Red Bull event in St. Louis and we saw each other off and on throughout the next few years at events in STL and I know of his brother, the illustrious FoodOne illustrator of the dope comic, MARIJUANA MAN with Ziggy Marley (lol..."dope" get it? nevermind).

But @DjMAhF is one of the illest DJs I've met and he kills it with this: Lauren Hill vs DJ Center "That Thing In A Song" off his "Homemade Junk 3" - Available for Download @

[Choke SP x HiDaddy x Young Yazzy] "FREE" MV (Japan)

I was blogging for BeatsnMiso in Japan (we just switched the format to English, too) and I came across this video by Choke SP, HIDADDY, and Young Yazzy and it's dope.

There's some English in it, too but I figured you are the people who can appreciate a dope beats and good music so I wanted to share it. Plus animated videos are always dope.


Oh Blimey!

Yo....ever had some free time and just clicked on the suggested videos on youtube?

I'm booking Copywrite's west coast tour and watched some of his new videos which led me to some chick who was pretty dope and HER video led me to Oh Blimey.

I thought she would be English (and I'm a big fan of UK rap, remember my project with Bluprint?) but yo, this chick is Nice.

Check her video for "These Dreams" and cop the mixtape below that.


TWO9 "#TWO9 Forever"

Big up to the homie, WanThousand for the cover art. Check it out. Kinda jammin' on track 3 right not.


ALOHA [Santastic]

This summer seems to be the return of the Hawaiian shirt (aka "aloha" shirt). With companies like The Hundreds and many others coming out with some ill patterns of their own, Japanese company, Santastic drops their ill take on the Aloha.


SK4MC "Poof Be Gone" MV

I've been a fan of this dude for a minute. He's got some really ill music and CRAZY videos. Check this cat out. Respect to the flute.

Or just enjoy the audios here


Cyhi The Prynce "Ivy League Club"

I've been a big CyHi supporter since I first downloaded his Royal Flush project. He's ill. Royal Flush 2 was 'pretty good' to me but some of the beats were kinda off for me (he samples the Titanic theme song...)

His next mixtape (since the others were all original production) was ill and now we have this unless I forgot about something which I think I did but whatever. Look online you'll find the others. Whatever.

Here's his new project. I'm bumpin' it.

Essince Throwback: I Love the 90s

I've had this song on my iPod for a long time. I grew up listening to it on the radio and JUST now discovered there was a music video made. While searching for it the suggested videos reminded me of other songs I used to bump on Jammin' 92.3 in Cleveland back in the day before it changed formats.

So I wanted to share 3 of the songs I jammed on the regular and taped off the radio on cassette tape (yep...REAL mixtapes, y'all).

Enjoy and be amazed on how music this good can have videos this bad. lol

Max-A-Million "Sexual Healing"


Nas x DJ Jack da Rippa

The big homie, @DjJackdaRippa just released this ill Nas mixtape called "Lyrics of Fury". Not sure why it made me think of that movie, "Balls of Fury" but it did.

Nonetheless Jack is an ILL DJ and we all know what Nas is capable of. So check it out. My man Zack Steele just moved out west from ATL and recorded a session with Nas 2 nights ago which prompted me to post this.

Download here

1. Rippa/Nas Intro
2. Dreamer (Rippa Remix) prod by Tre Track Nas feat Biggie, Masta Ace, Ed OG
3. Daughter Nas
4. Accident Murderers Nas feat Rick Ross
5. Something Nas feat Nelly Furtado
6. More than I can say Nas feat Kiesha Cole
7. Tha Don Nas
8. It aint hard to tell Nas
9. The World is Yours(Rippa Unbelievable remix) Nas
10. Nasty Nas
11. Ghetto Dreams Nas
12. Courtroom Nas
13. Last real Nigga alive 2 Nas
14. Life's a Bitch (Rippa Remix) Nas
15. Cherry Wine Nas feat Amy Winehouse
16. Reach Out Nas feat mary J Blige


Rappin' Wrestlers

In honor of tonight's WWE "Money in the Bank" PPV, I searched for my favorite music videos by rapping wrestlers. John Cena is by far the most talented (I honestly like his CD and don't care what anyone has to say about it).

So let's start off with Cena before digging deep in the past (after the jump)

John Cena "Bad Bad Man" ft Bumpy Knuckles & Trademarc


Essince Throwback: Boo Ya Tribe

One of my clients, ROE, was at a tattoo convention and told me he met Kobra of the Boo Ya Tribe, which is one of my favorite groups of all time. I grew up on West Coast gangsta rap and to me, there aren't many people who rep West Coast Gangsta Rap like the Boo Ya tribe.

Check this video with Mack 10 from their album, West Koasta Nostra and check for some cameos at from Knocturnal, Cypress Hill, Treach, dude from Crazy Town and more.

Check out this trailer for their documentary, too to learn a little more about who Boo Ya is.

A Kid Named Breezy "See About Us" ft Pusha T

I've been hearing about this "kid named breezy" kid for a minute but honestly haven't checked him. (I think because people used to call me 'breezy' who knows, I'm weird).

Anyway, I got this in my email the other day and checked it and it's pretty hot. I like it. It's a good mood song and the VA MC does his thing. It's produced by and also features a verse from Jigg as well as Pusha T.

Check it out below and iTunes it here.


"Highway Assault"

Off the forthcoming "Get It Gang" mixtape. Produced by Marcuchizzle (don't ask me how to pronounce that).



I've had a shoe-boner for the AH Propulsion Hi-Tops since I first laid eyes and hands on them at Agenda in LBC last year. Every once in a while I'll see something about them and I want them more than any shoe I've ever wanted. Not sure what it is about hi tops that does it for me. I guess that's how God made me, right? lol

More pics and sale info after the jump

Uno "Gusto"

I met this cat Uno out in Detroit and saw him out in LA a while ago supporting his homie, DJ HouseShoes at the show with Peanut Butter Wolf (s/o Stones Throw, old post still dope).

Anyway, check his track "Gusto" off his forthcoming "Grand Theft Audio" project.



Sir Michael Rocks "Now You Do"

Sir Michael Rocks (1/2 of The Cool Kids) is preparing to drop his solo project, Lap of Lux, [drops 8.2.12 physically and digitally] and he released the first single "Now You Do" today.

Check the single and pep the track listing after the jump.


Minimalist Staircase

I'd probably puss out on actually USING these but these are dope.

This "minimalist staircase" is installed in this Parisian apartment and photographed by designer, Xavier Lucas.  Again, I don't think I'd ever use these because I'd convince myself they won't hold my weight (which they probably will) or that I'd fall off the edge but still...these are ill and I love the jet black in contrast with the rest of the apartment.


Jeu Green "Everything Good" MV

Jeu Green is back with his new video/single for "Everything Good". As some of you know I posted his "Buddy Holly" video a while back and we've since chopped it up. He sent me this record a while ago and I liked it and am glad he chose this as his single.

His ID is more on point and I think the kid has mad potential. Keep doin' Jeu and "e'rythang good".

Twitter: @JeuGreen



I was able to catch up with the big homie, Big Black in LBC earlier this year and finally got around to editing/posting it (thanks, Ian).

I came back home after the business trip in CA and people asked who I met and then asked if "Big Black was big?" I said..."not really...he's my height. Maybe...another 150 lbs"...the response is "umm....that's really big. lol

Apparently 6'6" 240 is big? I guess I'm just used to it lol.

Whatever. Shout out to the Fantasy Factory, Young&Reckless (Ohio boys!) and Big Black.



Summer Madness 2. Battle of the Year!

As many of you know I'm a HUGE battle fan. From Fight Klub to Grind Time to Smack/URL and the international leagues and going back to diss records and the BEEF series, I'm a huge fan.

So I'm going to do everything in my power to get out to this battle. I actually have some connections in this. I do some marketing with Iron Solomon and was his tour manager on the west coast and Aye Verb was a guest judge at a battle I hosted in STL.

(tix, pics, and video after the jump).


ESSINCE x CRANIUM FITTEDS Unofficial Summer Style Guide

I've been cool with the good folks of Cranium Fitteds since....close to creation I think? Let's say back to when it was only hats. I love seeing their growth. I decided since a lot of the fashion I feature is from them I'd use their newsletter to make an outfit that I'd rock this summer.

I'm not getting a commission or anything out of them but they've always been cool and supporting of my music so I wanted to do the same. I wanted to pick a cool but casual summer outfit. I'm writing this from my [temporary?] home in North Hollywood, CA where I'm doing some music marketing work and am influenced by the gray skies and mid 70s weather.

Let's start at the top with this Chicago Bulls Black & Red (Green Under) 59fifty

I'm a big hat fan and since I was raised in the Jordan era, I was a front-runner like every other child in the history of children and loved the Bulls. My local loyalty grew as I got older but I love the colors and respect the team.

Snap Backs and fitteds go in and out of style but hats never do so at the end of the day, who cares?

Let's move on to the shirt.


Yelawolf "Heart of Dixie"

I've been a fan of Yela's since that "Road to Stardom" show Missy Elliot did back in the day. I know as of late there are blog reports of him going back and forth with the lil' homie, MGK and I personally don't care. I'm a supporter or both and good music and wanted to share Yela's new project with M16, "Heart of Dixie". It's pretty cool. I like it. If I were at a 4th of July BBQ now like I expected to be I'd be jammin' this in the background. lol

"White Boy Sh!t" takes me back to the old Haystak/CWB days, too.

Supa BWE "New America"

Happy 4th of July, all you Americans you. And Happy Wednesday to the foreign visitors. What better way to celebrate our independence then by sharing the work of a man exercising his Freedom of Expression in the form of debut album from Supa BWE.

This was entirely engineered by my brothers, @ExcelCruz and @CarsonRitz of The Jungle. (We all graduated with BAs in Audio Engineering from Webster U together. I pursued marketing and they perfected engineering).

Download here

Facebook here


Da Big Fella x Wale "Spill"

Wale (co-founder of "The Board Administration "(BOA) Management and Marketing group) debuts his new artist, Da Big Fella and he released the first single from his forthcoming BOA debut, "Heart of a King".

Rather than start a label, Wale started a mgmt/marketing company to help fellow DMV artists which I think is a dope idea. I like that better than starting a label, honestly. I never understood why a new artist would start a label and put people out (ie. Tyga's label...he hasn't done enough to have the influence to make moves for his artist).

Check more about BOA & Da Big Fella at

Theophilus London "Rose Island vol. 1"

Big up to Theo London. This cat is cold.