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Welcome the New Willenium (+14) [Happy New Year!]

Will Smith "Will2k" music video (director copy) from Caruso Company on Vimeo.

I may have shared this exactly one year ago but I don't care. I'll probably make it a tradition because, let's face it...this is THE best New Year song ever.

MASA & THE POWER: The Rise & Fall of the Tamale Kingpin [Trailer]

What ju know about Felipe Fernando Fernandez?

Masa & the flour becomes Masa and the Power.


Reverie "On the Road" MV

Time. Funny how we can never have enough of something that doesn't even exist. It and life (and by extension, existence) are cyclical but we still need to divide up our energy and attention between an incredible amount of things in a limited existence in this form. Something is neglected so something else can grow. Duality. Yin/yang.


ESSINCE THROWBACK: Nolan Thomas - Yo' Little Brother (1984)

WOW!!! I found this after watching a Little Brother performance and MAN this This is dope. I've never heard of Nolan Thomas but I want to find more lol This is nuts. Props on the outfit, dude.


Santa Sessions

Probably my favorite Xmas video. My dad sent me this a few years ago. Anyone who's been in a studio with suits before will dig this, too.
God bless & Merry Christmas from the essence of, me, @Essince.


Mayer Hawthorne "No Strings" MV

I recently watched & re-watched [x 1000] the episode of Live from Darryl's House with Mayer Hawthorne. Yes, Darryl is Darryl Hall from the illustrious Hall&Oates. He invites people over to his house to jam out and eat food. Pretty sweet.

Mayer was a guest and did this song. The live version is nasty but so is the original (and its video). Enjoy.


Hip Hop In: Korea

안녕! Welcome Welcome to this edition of my ongoing International series, "Hip Hop In". This episode is on Korea.

I first heard of Big Bang in '07 when I was studying in Thailand. I found their CD at the mall and picked it up thinking it was Chinese because of the MTV Asia sticker on it (I watched the channel all day for new music and they only played Chinese music)...Then thought it was Thai because the writing on it was in Thai....then I played it and realized it wasn't either and told myself if they weren't so tricky in their labels I wouldn't feel racist (not that I cared that I did...they also sing and rap in Japanese so what the F ever...)


Futuristic "Day By Day" ft Brielle Marie MV

I got an email from a trusted colleague (Whattup, Laura) about this guy, Futuristic. There are a few PR people I know who don't just work with ANYbody and by now I know the level of talent I expect when I get an email from them. But from all the touring, lectures, contest judging, and more I've done I hate to admit to myself I saw his name "Futuristic" and thought of Future...


FELIZ NAVIDAD!! (official ChrisMixtape)

Hoe Hoe Hoe!

I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my hearrrrtt!

And so does DJ Flaco Flash which is why we're bringing you THIS! "Feliz Navidad". Enjoy our favorite [urban] Xmas tunes from Snoop, Eazy, Luda, and many more (sorry no Dipset. Next year maybe?).

Ry SO Valid "Born In Da Ghetto" ft Fat Joe & Angel

I posted a video of Ry So Valid a while back and actually featured him in the pilot episode of my show (filming now. New season coming first quarter!) but the kid is nice. You'd hope being the son of Hip-Hop icon, Fat Joe at least some talent would trickle down.


Art Basel Miami 2013: The Mixtape

Art Basel hosts some of the biggest contemporary art shows in the country/world in Miami Beach and Hong Kong. This is the official mixtape from this year's recent festivities. Check it out, yo. Definitely has that South Beach vibe.


Essince Throwback: Hide Ya Kids!

So during my obsessive [re]watching of this Mister Rogers video the suggested videos at the end took me down memory lane (only 3 years) to THIS epic video. I forgot how big this story [aka character, Antoine Dodson] was. Man, the news always knows how to pick 'em, huh?

Too bad most of the songs I hear aren't 1/2 as catchy as this and it's just spliced video clips.


[New Zealand] David Dallas x Ruby Frost

Been a fan of David Dallas since I first featured him in the last episode of my international series "Hip Hop In" where I featured the Shire...I mean New Zealand.


Mister Rogers Remixed "Garden of Your Mind"


I grew up on Mr. Rogers. I vaguely remember seeing this before but it came back into my life a few minutes ago and I had to share this with you. This is so chill and that slide whistle solo is the business.

R.I.P. Mr. Rogers


Hand in Hand Clock

As far as furniture goes I'm all about modern. I usually skip over that section in art museums because, frankly I don't think much talent is needed to create some of that dreck BUT modern architecture and furniture?? All day.


SPZRKT "Lucid Dream"



Lorine Chia "Eve's Perspective" MV

I've heard about Lorine Chia for a minute here. We have some mutual friends/contacts and I liked what I heard but THIS really stood out to me.


FREESTYLE: Childish Gambino on Sway in the Morning

I'm tired of people thinking people need to only have One Talent, BUUTTTT they say we can't throw all our eggs in one basket and need to develop multiple skill sets to succeed....make up your minds, yo!


DJ Sarasa: mix from Blu x Exile tour [Japan]

DJ Sarasa is ill. I've known of her for a few years from my last trip to Japan in 2011. (Whattup Shux!) and she's been killing these mixes. This is from her tour with Blu & Exile. We briefly met but there's no way she'd remember that.

Anyone who puts The Roots, Black Milk, Vinnie Paz, and R.A. the Rugged Man in the first 10 tracks is cool in my book. So congrats, made the book. lol



Shrine: Sneaker backpack

I wonder if my size 15s would fit in this?

I'd probably end up using this more for my recording equipment or art supplies than sneakers but yo, this is nice. lol

Ohhh, sh!t does this bag cover my fitteds, too?

You know it does.

It's still in production but you can check out pictures and contribute to the Shrine Sneaker Backpack HERE


Hong Yi aka RED [Artist Profile]

I came across this video feature of Architect-artist Hong Yi (aka "RED"). She's most well known for her artistic approaches to portraiture. [a portrait of Mark Zuckerberg made out of books and a Yao Ming painted with a basketball].

I love seeing people reach outside the proverbial box to create. Forget them trolls, girl. "It's Your Thing. Do what you wanna do".

Textbeak & Kachina: No Conclusion #72

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days. You'd think I'd post some corny holiday video or something for the Essince Throwbacks but FORREAL Forreal I haven't really been inspired lately. I get hella music in my inbox as well as other things really spoke to'm sure it's out there but I wasn't seeing anything and was focused on booking a few tours for 2014 (details coming soon).

BUUUTTTT I recently reconnected with Dj Kachina after her pilgrimmage to the Madre-land [Puerto Rico] and she sent me this mix she just did with Textbeak (met him once...nice dude). Anyway, mix is dope. I needed something different and Kachina was always able to expand my taste.

(It gets hip-hoppy around an hour in if you're afraid of change but I recommend listening to the whole thing).


[New Era] Oakland Raiders Tasslehawk Beanie

Don't think I've ever seen someone rocking one of these...but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be doing it!

New Era comes with the ill Oakland Raiders Tasslehawk beanie. Cop yours here.


Rocksmith Native Ninja Work Varsity in Black

Just in time for freezing cold weather, Rocksmith returns with this ill Native Ninja Varsity jacket.


Eminem "Rap God" (teaser)

It felt good to hear Em rap like this again...especially that last verse. The video for Rap God off his recently released "Marshall Mathers LP 2" is coming soon and I can't wait to see it. I can't imagine what it's like to try and live up to hype like that especially with his NEW style which seems to be a blend of pop/crossover records and the original Slim Shady wordplay we've all grown to love but he's doing well and staying relevant.

Respect. Now hurry up with that video already!


Pytch Wyte "Where I'm Going" [showcase winner]

I was part of a midwest tour (or a stop on it at least) and though the stop in my city never happened the other dates went down and Pytch Wyte from Springfield Did his thing. I wasn't sure what to expect when checking this out because I've been a judge for enough showcases and contests that I don't guarantee posts on THIS site (for obvious reasons) but I liked the idea and said I'd help with it. I'm glad I wasn't disappointed.


More like Jean-Claude van DAAAAAAAMN

I left my TV on EPIX last night and when I turned it on today Expendables 2 was playing. Expendables 2 which features the legendary Jean-Claude Van Damme. Yes, there were safety precautions taken....but H0LY S#!t.

Seriously...this is nuts. Well done, Volvo. Why didn't you wait until the Super Bowl for this?

Neff: The Daily Woven Watch

Neff has always had some pretty ill gear and I've been looking for a new casual watch (I'm BIG on watches. I have a pretty nice casual watch collection growing including a few luxury ones).

But what's more casual than "The Daily" right?


Da Mafia 6ix "6ix Commandments"

Well, it's like DJ Paul told me when we spoke the other day...The Mafia Sh!t is back! Don't trip because Juicy isn't present, 8ball & MJG, Yelawolf, Lil Wyte, SpaceGhostPurrp, Bizzy Bone, Krayzie Bone, The Outlawz, La Chat, and Skinny Pimp are here! Man, my ears needed this. Thank you, DJ Paul.


Crimxon "The City or Champagne" [album]

I've been a fan of Crimxon's for a minute. Dude is pretty nice. Initially I felt the Toronto-native was kinda Drakey from his first single emailed to me, "Champagne Room" but dammit if that song didn't grow on me! This kid is nice. Who cares if he can rhyme and has a melodic voice? Good music is good music is good music.


"TRILLER" Short Film/Music video Ft. SK4MC

SK4MC is dope. Forreal he always has the most creative videos. I know he was at A3C officially rocking with TY Dolla Sign. But this video is dope. It's still thriller season. And what's triller for thriller than Triller?


Toro Y Moi "Rose Quartz" MV

I love animated videos. Especially videos like this with fluid paintings. They just added new layers on top of the others. I can't imagine how long this would take...and how much paint is used lol but enjoy nonetheless.


ESSINCE THROWBACK: Pee Wee All Stars "Sumthin Terrible" MV

Now THIS is a throwback. I mentioned before that Kris Kross is who got me interested in hip hop but I never mention it was the Biv 10 [via Michael Bivins from BBD] who gave me the final push. I think it's because they were kids a little younger than me that made me go YO! Kids can do it. I'm gonna do it!

These kids can probably outrap the radio today. And when I say probably I mean they can.

Step your bars up, you bums.


Bloc'd Sofa

Ever had a really comfortable chair you wish you could change the shape of? Maybe to share it...maybe to lie down...whatever. Then I may have found the sofa for you, friends.



Hudson "Lady Madonna" Tee

The all-over print has been replaced by the all over print. I don't know if I'd wear this but I'd hang it on my wall..absolutely.

Pair this with a red hat and black pants (other colors would work, blue or even grey if paired with dark shoes).

Cop from Jimmy Jazz here.


B REAL x XZIBIT x DEMRICK are the Serial Killers

I recently interviewed B-Real about his new project with Xzibit and Demrick, Serial Killers.'s out.

Check the project here and our interview and let me know what you think!


"Dear Mr. Watterson" Calivin & Hobbes Documentary

If you're anything like me and from my generation (or the one before me) your childhood was ineffably affected by Calvin and Hobbes. Shoot...even if you own a shitty pick-up truck chances are you've at least CONTEMPLATED buying a decal of Calvin peeing all over a competitor's logo.

EXCLUSIVE: Essince Interview with DJ Paul (3-6 Mafia) + New Mixtapes

I was able to catch up with Oscar-winning, platinum-selling artist/producer/mogul, DJ Paul of the legendary 3-6 Mafia recently. We talked about his new projects (Da Mafia 6ix, collaboration albums with Drumma Boy and Yelawolf], keys to marketing, his line of BBQ Sauces, and the key to longevity in the entertainment industry.


ESSINCE THROWBACK: Boyz II Men "Sympin' (ain't easy)"

Remember when soundtracks created as much buzz as the movie (word to Rush Hour & Space Jam). Well I'm bringing this straight from 1992 & the "White Men Can't Jump" Soundtrack, y'all! Boyz II Men complete with a feature from Biv10 [Michael Bivins] drop "Sympin' [Ain't Easy]".

Happy Thursday.

Phonzz "Running Out of Seasons" MV

Phonzz is under the URBZLYFE label. I really don't know anything about him but I like his video and I'm sharing it with you.


Smileyface - Lost Luggage

As my trip nears an end (I fly out from Ft Lauderdale tomorrow) I had to post this new project from Smileyface. I only brought carry ons so "Lost Luggage" won't be an issue so I can enjoy this.

His delivery style reminds me of Paul Wall mixed with Wiz Khalifa....I like it. Check it out!


Show off Them Guns with These Tanks

Since I'm on the beach right now and it's about 2x as warm as the midwest (where it was literally hailing Wednesday) let's check out some tanks. Like this awesome "The Kid Dynamite" tank by Entree.

Or as I like to call it the Mickey Tyson.


Welcome to Miami [Essince Throwback]

I guess you can tell what city I'm in right now.

Word to the Fresh Prince.


Miami Dolphins Team Colors Flannel: "The Melton" fitted

I have a tradition of buying the hat of the baseball team in whatever city I'm in as a souvenir. I know the Dolphins are a football team but I might have to grab this Team Color flannel Miami Dolphins hat while I'm here.

Get yours, too.


Essince Throwback: Lil Keke "Boss'

I normally stay away from videos on WSHH because of the negativity...not just content-wise but I mean the comments! Man, I thought political posts on yahoo news were journals for jerks but OH MY! lol However, I was sucked into watching this video of a cop swangin' & poppin' his trunk in a SLAB show and had to post the song. Lil Keke is the man.

For those curious about the police video here it is:

R.I.P. DJ Screw & Big M.O.E.


Bobby Brackins "Zilla" ft Koto MV

I posted Bobby's bangin' breakup song, "Zilla" to MadZilla a while back and he recently dropped the visuals to it.

Word Up to heart breaks & the art that comes from it.


Nipsey Hussle "Crenshaw"

Nipsey is the man. I've always been a fan. I like his deal with this new album, too. For those who suppport for $100 they get a physical copy and I believe a ticket to a show and an exclusive T (or something..I forget but it's still available at


Nova Rockafeller "Problem" (the all Nova Version) MV

Nova is dope. I posted her a few times, most recently her modeling for Supra's new women's line. She made a dope video for her song "Problem" (with an AWESOME cameo you'll have to watch to see) and.....she made her own instead lol


Leo Simone "Black Horse" MV

I first heard Leo Simone about a year ago and I've been waiting for her to drop something new for a while and she didn't disappoint.

No more words. Just enjoying.


Black Milk "Sunday's Best / Monday's Worst" MV

I remember trying to bring Black Milk to St. Louis when I was living there in 2010. Black Milk is dope and I love the songs/videos. The new album "No Poison No Paradise" dropped yesterday. Check it out, yo. @Black_Milk is dope.


Snow tha Product: Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2: The Hangover

I've been following Snow tha Product since the publicist who set up my interview with B Real a year or so ago mentioned her. She's really been making steady moves lately and is currently on tour with Rittz and Jarren Benton.


[LONDON] Phoenix Martins "Sideways"

I woke up after a LONG few days and Nights (which caused me to neglect my usual ESSINCE THROWBACK piece coinciding with "Throwback Thursday" BUT I woke up to an email about a singer named Phoenix Martins.

Phoenix is a Nigerian-born East London resident whose voice has some Macy Gray* qualities to it but is very smooth and melodic.

[*Essince Fun Fact: My mom teaches at a local university & is friends with Macy Gray's mom and is actually covering for her classes for 3 weeks while she's tending to some personal business]


Serial Killers (Xzibit, B Real, Demrick) "The First 48" MV

This is the first video from the super group that is The Serial Killers Cypress Hill's B Real mentioned in our interview which consists is Xzibit and Demrick (fka Young De).

That classic West Coast gangster music! I love it!

Album coming 10/31.

Nylo "Indigo Summer"

I first heard of songstress, Nylo through Aaron Reid and checked her out after following her on IG. I downloaded her Indigo Summer EP last night and it was my soundtrack during some late night design sessions. I can't stop listening to her. This project had the same effect on me that Sailing Souls from Jhene Aiko did when I first heard it.


J'Demul "Neighborhood H*e"

I've judged enough rap showcases to know that Whenever I hear a song start out with "this one's for my ladies" we're about to hear some songs about slobbing knobs and doing jobs. Not that this doesn't have those elements, because it clearly does (lol) BUT it's crafted in a beautifully ignorant true-life story that I played straight through and actually LISTENED, I didn't just hear it. This track's pretty nice.

PLUS how could you not like a song whose hook ends in "I know that we could never be together because I have ambitions and you are just the neighborhood hoe"?

@JDemulMusic's official site:



Last night I had the opportunity to interview one of the men responsible for my involvement in the hip-hop culture; at least from an artist-fan relationship. B Real and Cypress Hill have beyond surpassed a successful career and are in legendary status. He's working on a new collaborative project with the one and only, Xzibit and "newcomer" Demrick fka Young De.


Till Watch

Ever had a problem telling time? Or understanding phrases like "quarter after" or "10 til"? I hope not but if you have and even if you HAVEN'T this watch is for you.


Crimxon "The City or Champagne"

November 11th, Toronto artist, Crimxon drops his anticipated debut release. I've been listening to this dude for a minute. I'm looking forward to the project. Check it, yo and click the link above to see the reasons why I'm interested.


Tanya Morgan "Never Too Much" ft Nitty Scott, MC [MV]

Tanya Morgan is dope. When they originally formed back in '03, they "decided to name themselves "Tanya Morgan" as an inside joke to trick hip-hop crate-diggers and sample-searchers into thinking their album was from an old-school female soul singer. Ten years later, after receiving critical acclaim by numerous key publications (Billboard, the LA Times, NY Magazine, Vibe, SPIN, XXL, etc.); being mentored by ?uestlove and Black Thought of The Roots; and collaborating with an array of impressive artists that ranges from 88 Keys to Drake, Tanya Morgan is still here."

That's pretty cool. lol


Jus Mic "No Church"

I know people who can rhyme and sing well...but never Rhyme THIS good and SING this good, too. I've been a fan of Jus Mic's music for a few years (but this project with Mick Boogie is what started it for me 2009). He's worked with some incredible people, rocked stages and now is coming out of "hibernation," so to speak. This is his new single, "No Church" [video in the works].

All I ask if that you listen to the words before letting the title turn you off (says the Christian man lol).


Chicago Bulls "Winning TM" Vest [Mitchell & Ness]

Fall weather is coming, my friends. And with it my favorite fashion pieces. I've been getting into vests more lately. Not like...sweater vests (but I did find one I never wore that might work) but outerwear vests.

Mitchell & Ness has some pretty ill Nylon (outside) Polyester (inside) NBA themed vests perfect for the "cool" weather.


DNA Structures Bookcase

Cattelan Italia has some really dope designs for furniture. As much as I use my tablet to read now (I've read a lot of books on Kindle and after my official giveaway through Zinio I've been reading a lot of magazines on there, too) I still love BOOKS. I have a pretty nice library going but THIS....this would look dope in my room/office/house.


Staple: The Cord Brim Pigeon Hat

Staple has a dope hat in the form of The Cord Brim Pigeon hat. Crazy ill detail (and nice color scheme in navy and wine/maroon). This is a great hat for fall. Check out these detailed pics below along with a good shirt to pair it with.


Kevin Gates "MYB" ft Starlito MV

Kevin Gates reminds me of an early Master P. His drawl in this song in particular is my argument but I don't intend to make this a comparison. I've been hearing his name for a while but never listened to recently. And his latest project is pretty dope (as is his story).


R.A. The Rugged Man ft Brother Ali & Masta Ace "The Dangerous 3"

Now...if THIS isn't one of the illest collaborations of all time then I don't know what it.

Brother Ali...R.A. the Rugged Man and Masta ACE??? These 3 could lyrically eat anyone.


Essince Throwback: Coo Coo Cal "In My Projects" MV

In honor of my recent post about Milwaukee MC, Rell Cash I alluded to another WI rapper, Coo Coo Cal who's "In My Projects" track was a hit back in the early 2000s.

I'm sure what happened with him since and I only know of that one track, but here's another midwest classic for your viewing pleasure.


Rell Cash "2566" EP

Milwaukee is a Midwestern city that I believe is often overlooked, as is Wisconsin, for more than just their music. I forreal don't remember a Brewer-city MC since Coo Coo Cal but that's not for lack of talent by any means.


Vestal Rosewood Watch

I've always been a watch lover and this "Rosewood" timepiece by Vestal is calling my name.

Made of blue acetate, and water-resistant, the Rosewood could be a great addition to your pre-fall wardrobe.


I don't know anything about PARTYNEXTDOOR. I was on Livemixtapes checking something from another MC in my email and clicked on this. Mostly because of the OVO upload title. I had no expectations and I'm selective on what I actually make hard drive space for vs what I stream nowadays. iPod retail is limited but I think there may be a new tenant.


"Zilla" Bobby Brackins ft Koto

There's something about an artist baring his/her soul for public display that I really like and respect. It's hard enough to admit feelings to your friends much less expose yourself (so to speak) to the internet, which is statistically the meanest place in the universe.


Brother Ali "Left in the Deck" + Tour

Brother Ali gets my vote for one of the best rappers alive...possibly ever. I've met him and seen him rock live a few times and his crowd control and abilities on the mic are unparalleled.

This is his new album produced by Jake One.



I recently started following Tyga's clothing line, Last Kings on instagram and they have some really ill designs. I'd never seen it in stores or on people in the real world (and not for lack of ill designs) so I went looking for their site and stumbled across this...

Complete with occult symbolism that will make any Youtube Conspiracy Theorist hard, this design is pretty ill and comes in white, too.


Jonn Hart "Aint' Worried About Nothin'" [R&B cover]

You may remember Jonn Hart [@4JonnHart] from his club hit, "Who Booty" ft Iamsu! (or the remix with French Montana) but dude can sing and I always liked R&B covers of songs and he did his thing on this.

I'm interested to see what he'll be able to do this year. He's been doing a lot of shows and making some moves so I'm looking forward to seeing this kid's growth this year.


Crimxon "She Said" MV

I've featured Toronto artist, Crimxon a few times. The kid is nice. "She Said" is from his upcoming project, "The City or Champagne" and describes this song as, "The haunting imagery portrays the story of a boy who slowly looses grasp on a girl who's love was a figment of his own intoxicated desires, eventually realizing what "she said" was nothing more than a fantasy."



King Chip - 44108

He's back, y'all. Chip is THE man to look to as far as going from independence to success who continues to grow. He had songs that were hot in E. Cleveland then was selling out shows across the state, then made the trek to CA and is now represented by CAA but keeps representing where he's from.

Scarface, GLC, Chevy Woods, Pusha T, Ray Cash, Layzie Bone...not some bad features if you ask me. lol Check it out.



Welcome back students. It's that time of year again. What batter way to show off how much you've changed over the summer than to show off your new style? I picked a few different styles that I'm sure will keep eyes on your sack bag.


Essince Throwback: Big Daddy Kane "Smooth Operator" MV

That's right, y'all. Can't celebrate Throwback Thursday without an appearance from Big Daddy Kane. Kane is the man. Not many MCs today can step to him...ain't no half steppin' yo.

Frankie08 "Rookies To Legends"

I think if I told people these were unreleased Guru tracks people would believe me. And I mean that as a compliment. This kid is nice but his voice has that Gangstarr quality. Production is nice and anyone who has an intro like that is cool in my book [Joe Pesci forever!).


K. Vincent "The End is Near" MV

I've known K. Vincent for a minute and always respected his ability. This kid is sitting on an album that he needs to drop but his "Shit is Real" project is sick.

Be on the lookout for more from him very soon.



Los Angeles Lakers Hat for The Kobe 8 Venice Beach

You like sneakers. You like to coordinate. You like with your hat matches your sneakers...right?


Kikkerland: Wooden Cube Alarm Clock

I've lately been trying to get into more furniture/home decor designs and I'm digging this wooden alarm clock by Kikkerland. Best part? Well...



Recently I caught up with D-Edge D-Edge [@d_edge34] from Freddie Gibbs' ESGN and he's really been doing his thing behind the scenes (running a label, producing, you name it). This is one of the better interviews I've done because D-Edge represents what I consider the modern music business man, the one who understands the need to wear multiple hats. How do you balance running a label AND being an artist? How does radio experience help with understanding fans? Did Freddie Gibbs split from Young Jeezy affect your or his movement?

Check out the interview here and his video below that.

Instagram: Xsquisit_Edge
Bandcamp: D-Edge

Pusha T x Kanye x Don Cannon 'NNNNNMBERS on the BOARDS' (Book & Bronze Bloodsport Remix) MV

click Here to download Free Remixes

This is one of the illest videos I've seen in a long time. Check out this [unofficial] aural AND video remix of Pusha T's "Numbers" with Don Cannon & Kanye. This remix was done without the a capellas, too.



The Underachievers "The Lords Of Flatbush"

It's funny how we stumble across things. I was listening to SiriusXM to an interview with Master P and Cymhonique in which she shouted out her Livemixtapes release. I was on the site, saw this cover and clicked on it we are.

I'm assuming they're from Brooklyn with an EP title like that but this is pretty dope. Diggin' that gritty NY rap that's making its way back [word to Joey Bada$$].

DJ Jazzy Jeff x Michael Jackson "He's The King I'm The DJ"

When people reach a certain level of fame where they reach EVERYBODY sometimes the over-saturation keeps us from truly appreciating their talent. We get tired of everyone talking about them. Michael Jackson did things for the pop world that can never be topped, just as Michael Jordan and Hulk Hogan did...people will break their records and make more money but the IMPACT they created can never be undone until someone reaches fame on another planet.

DJ Jazzy Jeff put together the incredible birthday tribute to Michael Jackson in the form of "He's The King I'm The DJ". No more words needed. Enjoy.


Ewing: Guard "Prince Blue"

Ewing Athletics (started by Patrick Ewing, of course) is one of very few independent brands started by an athlete that remains strong and with designs like this it's not surprising. They're bringing back the "Guard" shoe this fall in classic Knicks colors.


E-40 "Off The Block" MV

I've been a fan of E-40 since "The Source Presents: Hip-Hop Hits volume 2" and been down til his recent collaborative double album with fellow bay legend, Too $hort.

I love when songs tell stories and this video does that musically and visually in "Off The Block" featuring Stressmatic & singer, J.Banks on the hook.

Check it out.


Adee Kaye Elegante Collection Watch

I'm a watch fiend. And I love gold [*insert outdated Austin Powers reference here*].